new watch brakes

I was not planning on writing about this but it happened.  I was helping my neighbors on Labor Day and I looked and saw my watch was broken.  As the watch fell off. The band is fine but the two plastic pieces connecting the band to the watch broke.

I still do not understand how it broke like this. I have put in a ticket with them and hope for a fix soon. I am not happy about it.


The watch is back at Garmin..  I am getting a replacement.  Hopefully I get it soon.

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Cornwall Tri 2014

After looking at a few other blogs. I figure I will add to this section at the end. I was hoping to do this sooner but had to catch up on a few items when I got back from the trip. Also had to research a few things too as an interview came up. Overall it was a great learning experience doing the Olympic distance. Lets break it down by each of the three sports (swim, bike, and run) for the goals that was posted before the the trip up North. All images was posted I am using I got for free as part of being in the tri (hence why I love supporting local races) and of my family took.

Swim 1500 Meters

I picked up the rental suit with my sister and drove up with 3 days before the race and pick up some of packet items. Two days before, the race I tested out the wetsuit for the first time. I went with a sleeveless wet suit the water temps. It rained on the way up so I know the water temp was a bit cooler then what it will be on race day.  After splashing around and getting use to how it feels.  I went back and relaxed and let the suit dry off before the tri. 

getting used to the water

getting used to the water (warmer then Friday swim)

On Sunday race day, I got to the race early and set up my transition area. Had no trouble finding the bike rack spot for me as it was 2nd to the right row towards the back near the bike exit and run exit. I put on my wet suit on and jump in the water and did a small swim to warm up and see how the suit is fitting. The suit was a bit long so I had to roll up a bit of the legs.

Can you spot me?

Can you spot me? Look at the right side.

Start of the race

Start of the race

When it was time to line up for the deep water start. I lined up on the outside portion but on the front. I started and I was holding a happy pace with my arms and a very little kicking. The whole time I was on the outside portion of the course. I ended up doing a bit more distance because of this. After the first lap I started to feel more warm up. During the first section of the first lap one leg roll of the wetsuit came undone. I figured the second third of the lap I kicked it up a notch. I finished the swim with T1 included 44th overall out of 127 that showed up at the event.  Seventeen did not show up and one did not finish.  The time for the swim including T1 was 30:38.  When I got out of the water it was around 26 minutes. Blasting away both my reach (30 minutes) and realistic goals (40 minutes). So I am pretty happy about that.

Swim done, now onto the bike part

Swim done, now onto the bike part

First Transition or T1

After the swim there a walk up a padded mats (covering rocks) up a hill then was a 200 meter run to T1 on a grassy field. On this run the wet suit strippers. I had most of my suit off by the time I hit up the strippers. There was no true T1 timing so but if you take 30:38 and subtract 26 minutes. You get roughly 4 minutes which is faster then my realistic goal of 10 minutes and just short of my reach goal of 3 minutes. I am happy with that as I walked a bit to try to get my heart rate down before jumping on the bike.

Bike 40 Kilometers (4 loops of 10K each)

Now onto the bike portion The day before the tri I took out my bike and made sure it was smooth shifting and got the proper air pressure on both tires. Also put in enough air pressure on my sister bike as well. When I did the course preview with my sister. I had an idea where on the laps I wanted to eat/drink. I do not have the Virb on the bike so no video. There was even one section where your speed was posted too bad it was KPH. Lucky for me in a way I kept my Garmin Edge on the bike so I can use it.

IMG_2564For this portion I just tried to keep my pace even. Looking at the data, my average speeds was the following 16.9 MPH, 17.0 MPH, 16.2 MPH, and 16.8MPH. Overall I am happy with times for each lap. I did not try to gun it but keep it steady. For the mini climbs just try to keep my cadence at a good rate.

2nd Lap fastest... opps

2nd Lap fastest and 3rd lap slowest opps

I think the bike portion also included part of T2 with it.  My time was 01:30:25, which was inside my realistic goal of 1 hour and 35 minutes.  But not close enough to my reach goal of 1 hour and 10 minutes. I think I can improve on this more.

Second Transition or T2

There is no time on the webpage that has the results. So no idea if I was within my 5 minute realistic goal or 3 minutes reach goal.

on the way to the run

on the way to the run

Run 10KM

I got out of the transition area and started to jog.  I had to slow down as my right leg was in a bit pain. Sadly I ended up walking around 4KM. Then jogged the last 6. The aid stations was helpful but there was one section which did not have much shade so I was hot. The course was on a river trail that is paved. It goes with the river so lots of ups and downs. The day before I biked part of the path I be running on at Grey’s Creek Conservation area, to see the turn around. My time was 1:31:01 for the run part which was just outside my realistic of 1 hour and 30 minutes and way outside my reach goal of 1 hour.

made it

made it

I also had two other goals have fun (1) and (2) stay injury free. I had fun and enjoy the race. I will do it again next year for sure. For the injury free, i did hurt my leg (still do not know how) but it is better now. So I am okay with it. I also was surprise that I did not see my sister on the bike or run part of the course as the start times of our events was different.

Now onto the new sections (what I learned, things I can improve on, and what I did well).

What I have learned:

  • I do not need to take as much food/drinks as I planned on (better then not having enough)
  • Sometimes it might be better to get more contact in swimming if it means less distance.

Things I could improve on:

  • Faster transitions (I took my time so I know I could go faster. I know i will get it better the more I do it)
  • One thing is make sure i hit the right button on my watch.  As I did not hit it and it was all under swim data opps.  Speaking of which here map of the whole tri from Fenix2 data

Map of Whole tri

Map of Whole tri

What I did well:

  • Keeping up the speed and not trying to over do it. As this is a big difference from the smaller races I have done.
  • Enjoying the course the whole time while staying focus (no day dreaming)

That is it, thank you for reading and have a great day.

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Cornwall Tri Goals 2014

The Cornwall Tri is this weekend and I am getting pumped and nervous for it to be honest. Looking forward to wearing the Team BBC Volver Top during the bike and run part. As I mention before or I think I mention before, I am doing the Olympic distance and my sister is going to do the Sprint distance. As I am writing the goals out, I have a few things I still want to do before my travel up for the tri.  Like if I should wear a full sleeve wet suit or sleeveless or no wetsuit. Which shoes will I be using. Reread the Adult Event Information Guide and so much more. So before I do my goals which will be in two sections (realistic and reach). Am I ready for this tri?  Kind of, some days I think I will do well and other days I am not really sure.  I have not done a Sprint Tri in a long time. I went big or went home when I sign up for this course.  I have a few goals which are to have fun (1) and (2) stay injury free. Now lets go with the goals for each section of the race.

Swim 1500 Meters

This is the first time I will be swimming in open water with everyone so close by.  This is also the first time of me using a wet suit which will help me. Looking back at my pool data, I can swim a mile under 30 minutes but that is dealing with walls (flip turns = speed and power off walls). Also I be doing 2 loops of swim course with a deep end start (so treading water before the bell goes off to start). Right now the plan I am going to try to be on the side at first and work my way around for the swim. We see what happens. So my goals are realistic 40 minutes and reach 30 minutes.


First time doing a real tri with bike racks. The other tri was indoors or did not have a bike rack.  So these times are just guesstimates. Also first time having wet suit strippers too. I will also grab a gel and maybe some sport beans with a bottle of water I have planned. So we see what happens goals are realistic 10 minutes and reach 3 minutes.

Bike 40 KM

This course is pretty flat with a few mini climbs. It is a nice 10K loop that is mostly closed to traffic. I did preview it with my sister and got a game plan on when I will be crushing it and when I be drinking water and eating. As there is no water stations. I did a test ride of around 29 miles to get an estimate of how long it will take me. With a bigger climbs, stop signs, waiting to turn left took me around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Also if the road is same shape as when I did the pre ride with my sister it be a nice smooth road.  My goals for the bike is realistic 1 hour 35 and reach 1 hour 10 minutes.


Drop the bike off and grab something to eat and start running. Realistic 5 minutes and reach 3 minutes.

Run 10KM

The run course is on a path from along the river. So there is ups and downs of the course for 2/3 of the course. Then I will be running to Grey’s Creek Conservation and run back to the school. There is four different aid stations during the run course with myself being able to hit up a few of them twice. My best time for a 10K is 1 hour and 20 minutes which was back in April. That is without aid stations and me doing swimming and biking before. Saying that my goals are realistic 1 hour 30 minutes and reach 1 hour. For laughs the Garmin Fenix2 says my 10K time be 54 minutes that only having 3 runs on it so far.

Thank you for the read and looking forward to doing the race this weekend.

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Aug 5 update and Fenix 2

Its been a while since I gave an update on my training. I just been busy and have been slacking on it. Which is not good since my tri is coming up next weekend. Of which I am getting pumped for it. I have done a scout of the tri bike course with my sister and part of the run. Unfortunately the program is being an idiot as I wanted to post parts of the course video. But I do have two videos right now.  First is a video of a bike ride a few months ago or maybe a month ago.  Of me hitting my top speeds. At the time I thaught it was on a flat but I was going downhill….  bummer about that but I am happy for it. I just had my bike turn up but sadly have not ridden the bike yet (since Sunday I know I been bad).

Second video is just an update.    I will post a video of my goals coming up.  As I still have to figure out what I want to do and stuff. I can not believe how fast this summer has went. Even one of my jobs seems like yesterday I was just starting my part time teaching job and yesterday was week 15 (last class).

Also I got the Garmin Fenix 2 with HRM for a great price.  I was happy with that. I am still getting used to using it.  The other day when I was swimming, I was so use of hitting just start and going but with Fenix 2, you have to hit start and then indoor pool or outdoors.  Opps so I miss half of my workout.  Oh well it just felt great to swim.  I swim with my tri suit and then ran without HRM with my sister. It was a nice easy on and easy off time of running with her.  I hope she does well and enjoys the tri that I sign her up on.

Well that is it for now.  Thank you for reading my blog and if any questions please feel free to ask or any comments. Have a great day.

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Garmin Virb

So I been using the Virb a little bit. Well each time I go biking. I purchase a blue K-Edge Go Pro Big mount. I have it on my road bike right now. I am enjoying using it. However right now I am waiting for tech support to email me back with a solution. As each time I create a video (after editing the videos into 1 video it cuts it short). The software for editing crashes. So hopefully it is fixed so I can post a few videos on here.


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Coaches that have inspire me / improvement

So far I have had many coaches from all the sports I have played as a child to when I was in college. From my club coaches I had to high school coaches, college, and post college coaches. Without coaches I would not have learned/improved/ and become the person that I am today. So thank you to everyone who has helped me improve.

My one year at Brock U in St. Catherine Canada, I swim for Herb for part of the year. Before he had to take a leave because of illness. With his program, I was able to improve in sprinting, mid distance, and distance free.  Also helped swimming doubles and using a long course pool a few days a week. But I gave him credit for being a great coach. He has produce some great swimmers who went on to swim internationally.

Suzie Hoyt my high school swim coach. I learned and improved a lot compare to when I was on the town team. My 500 yard free swim in high school went from 9 minutes something to 6 minutes and 26 seconds at the end of the year. I learned a lot as she was my first coach I had, that did not change after a few seasons (unlike my town team). Her workouts helped everyone who worked hard in them excel to becoming a solid swimmer.

Mr. Carl Peterson my high school outdoor track/cross country coach. He was also my math teacher for sophomore year (grade 10) of high school. He was a teacher for forty years. He had some fun workouts.  Him and Coach Collins (distance coach during outdoor season) made me improve as a runner and I started to enjoy running then. Carl Peterson, used to bike as you run and say some corny jokes.  But I enjoyed them and his workouts helped me a lot. As Coach Peterson use to say you don’t play Cross Country.

Right now, one of my favorite coach is Dave Chevalier.  I only had him for a few or so seasons but I improved so much under his coaching. After SUNY Plattsburgh cut its swim program the year I transfer. I joined the LC Waves. The team that he volunteer coach and did an amazing job for the what kind of budget/team size. Compare to some of the bigger teams Dave produced some great swimmers. He took pride when his swimmers did well and even if they did not take well it bug him. Before one meet, he change one minor thing for my start and boom dropped a few seconds in a 50. He was so into swimming, he invited anyone on the team go to his house. And use his endless pool and we work on swim drills/tech. I really enjoy it and it paid off. I still talk to him now and again about life and swimming.

one of my fav coaches

Dave from one of his last practices

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June 23 update

So it is 61 days to the Cornwall tri and 54 to the 2 mile swim. Today I renewed my swim membership as I needed to.  I swim a book workout with my sister. I did the longer distance one which took me 3,000 yards and completed it in 57 minutes.  I am getting into my swimming mode and I think I be okay to handle both swims.  Also I got some prices for wet suits and I know where I be going for renting it out.

Today after swimming, I took to the track and did a short workout with my sister (in the 80 degree sunny day).  If I had my choice I would have waited to later in the day or earlier when it is cooler.  I did ran about half the time and walk the other half.  The track is covered with bird oh oh from the ducks that are.  The inside lane of the track is getting warn down but that is expected. The track itself is a solid one and I be doing more workouts there in the feature.

The biking was alright this week. Minus my powerlink (master link to the chain) snapping off and I having to go to 2 bike shops to get a replacement.  Now I have to make sure I installed it correctly. As I had to remove my chain completely off for when I put it on the bike rack.  I look forward to the it being back and me being able to log some miles again.  I was going to do a MT Bike race tomorrow but with the forecast being rain I said no thanks. Since I do not know the trails too well and I am not a MT biker. It should be a good time and hopefully I do well when I do race it.

Well that is it for now.  Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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