Coaches that have inspire me / improvement

So far I have had many coaches from all the sports I have played as a child to when I was in college. From my club coaches I had to high school coaches, college, and post college coaches. Without coaches I would not have learned/improved/ and become the person that I am today. So thank you to everyone who has helped me improve.

My one year at Brock U in St. Catherine Canada, I swim for Herb for part of the year. Before he had to take a leave because of illness. With his program, I was able to improve in sprinting, mid distance, and distance free.  Also helped swimming doubles and using a long course pool a few days a week. But I gave him credit for being a great coach. He has produce some great swimmers who went on to swim internationally.

Suzie Hoyt my high school swim coach. I learned and improved a lot compare to when I was on the town team. My 500 yard free swim in high school went from 9 minutes something to 6 minutes and 26 seconds at the end of the year. I learned a lot as she was my first coach I had, that did not change after a few seasons (unlike my town team). Her workouts helped everyone who worked hard in them excel to becoming a solid swimmer.

Mr. Carl Peterson my high school outdoor track/cross country coach. He was also my math teacher for sophomore year (grade 10) of high school. He was a teacher for forty years. He had some fun workouts.  Him and Coach Collins (distance coach during outdoor season) made me improve as a runner and I started to enjoy running then. Carl Peterson, used to bike as you run and say some corny jokes.  But I enjoyed them and his workouts helped me a lot. As Coach Peterson use to say you don’t play Cross Country.

Right now, one of my favorite coach is Dave Chevalier.  I only had him for a few or so seasons but I improved so much under his coaching. After SUNY Plattsburgh cut its swim program the year I transfer. I joined the LC Waves. The team that he volunteer coach and did an amazing job for the what kind of budget/team size. Compare to some of the bigger teams Dave produced some great swimmers. He took pride when his swimmers did well and even if they did not take well it bug him. Before one meet, he change one minor thing for my start and boom dropped a few seconds in a 50. He was so into swimming, he invited anyone on the team go to his house. And use his endless pool and we work on swim drills/tech. I really enjoy it and it paid off. I still talk to him now and again about life and swimming.

one of my fav coaches

Dave from one of his last practices

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June 23 update

So it is 61 days to the Cornwall tri and 54 to the 2 mile swim. Today I renewed my swim membership as I needed to.  I swim a book workout with my sister. I did the longer distance one which took me 3,000 yards and completed it in 57 minutes.  I am getting into my swimming mode and I think I be okay to handle both swims.  Also I got some prices for wet suits and I know where I be going for renting it out.

Today after swimming, I took to the track and did a short workout with my sister (in the 80 degree sunny day).  If I had my choice I would have waited to later in the day or earlier when it is cooler.  I did ran about half the time and walk the other half.  The track is covered with bird oh oh from the ducks that are.  The inside lane of the track is getting warn down but that is expected. The track itself is a solid one and I be doing more workouts there in the feature.

The biking was alright this week. Minus my powerlink (master link to the chain) snapping off and I having to go to 2 bike shops to get a replacement.  Now I have to make sure I installed it correctly. As I had to remove my chain completely off for when I put it on the bike rack.  I look forward to the it being back and me being able to log some miles again.  I was going to do a MT Bike race tomorrow but with the forecast being rain I said no thanks. Since I do not know the trails too well and I am not a MT biker. It should be a good time and hopefully I do well when I do race it.

Well that is it for now.  Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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Swim with sister June 13

Last night I went swimming with my sister. We decided to do a workout together.  Needless to say it was a good workout.  I even use my fins for the first time in a while. I used them to help rebuilt up my kicking ability.  My flipturns are getting back to what they should be. Even thou there is no flip turns during open water swimming. My stroke rate I can improve the turnover so it is a pretty solid when needed to be. My speed isn’t what I want it at but I have to keep in minute. I swim with drag suit (a reg suit ontop of my practice jammer.)  Now how about that for drag.  At the end I did a 3,200 yard workout in one hour and seven minutes. I even did one set of 300, 200, 100 negative splitting which I was able to do (set the first half slow then turn it up a notch or two). Well I am going to try out my new toy and go for a bike ride or a run around the street.  Thank you for reading and happy training.

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76 days to Tri! and Video update

Hi all,

It is getting closer to the tri!  This past week, I only got on the bike once.  I only planned to do around 18 miles and ended up doing 23.2 after missing a left turn. Also I added 1 mini loop of a GVCC course. I haven’t run but will start building up my base again. I will be doing mostly street running (avoid tree roots or whatever caused me to go down).  Swimming has been alright but I have not done as much as I want.  I should do more training for that since the 2 mile swim is coming up faster then my tri.

Also I got a new toy…. Garmin Virb. Once I get a memory card, I will be able to shot more videos on here.

Yesterday, I was working a 100 mile tri. Which is pretty amazing inspiration for me.  I want to do this tri as it seems like a great time. Looking at a few of the splits

Here is a quick youtube video.


Thank you everyone for reading my blog. As I am going to keep this short.

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Tour of Cornwall Tri

I was visiting family this past weekend. Where the tri I am training for is located.   A map of the tri course is

The swim loop I haven’t scouted much of but I think I will be fine for it. As a week before I will be doing the 2 Mile Swim.

On the bike I will be doing 4 loops of this

There is a few areas which could make or break my time.  At least the road will be closed for the bike part which I am a big fan of.

The last part is the run. I am planning of doing small loop to get to know the course better next time I am up there. I know the part of the Gray’s Greek will be a tough part of the run but it iwll be all downhill after I hit the top of it!


I am really looking forward to doing this tri.  Thank you for reading and looking forward to doing this in 81 days!

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Training update May 23

Hi all, so it is the long weekend over here. The weather isn’t that bad. I was able to ride my bike a few times this week and even went swimming once.  Best part of the swim, felt no pain for 96% of the time!!!  I am soon going to be jogging to get back to running shape as well.  I am happy that I am improving each time I go on the bike it seems like.  I am enjoying it very much.  Now if I can get use to the clipless pedals….

I be golden for the tri or I might not use them and just use sneakers. Not sure yet but I still have roughly 90 days to decide.  I hope to write another blog post later this weekend about my training plans for upcoming weeks.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Week of May 15 update

So far this week, I been able to ride my bike twice and swim.  Here is my video update

For bike rides, the first day I did not think I was going to do more then 5 miles so I did not have a heart rate monitor on.  I did a quick loop of the area and then did a bigger loop and came back. Here is some of the stats from that ride:

  • 9.1mi
  • 38:21
  • 292ft
  • 115W
  • 264kJ
Avg Max
Speed 14.2mi/h 23.7mi/h
Elapsed Time 40:12

For the 2nd ride, I went out knowing I be exploring a new section of roads for the bike by the house.  I was able to catch a few good rollers and a few areas which are flat.

  • 9.5mi
  • 40:15
  • 246ft
  • 105W
  • 255kJ
Avg Max
Speed 14.2mi/h 26.2mi/h
Elapsed Time 40:57

Also I used sneakers both days with my ankle bracelet just to be safe.  I also got a second water bottle cage for my bike that I will be switching between my road bike and mountain bike.

Yesterday I went for a swim to see how my ankle would heal do. I did a flip turn and did not feel much pain so I just kept doing them. I really enjoy being able to swim again. I swim for a bike and then stop to get some water. Looked at my garmin swim and saw I did half mile. I was pretty happy. Here is my stats from that. I was going at warm up peace and did not pick up much speed. As I did not kick as much as I am still babying my ankle.

  • 1,650yds
  • 31:50
  • 1:55/100yds
Elapsed Time
Thanks for reading and have a great day!
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