Goodbye Fenix2

Hello all so my 3rd Garmin Fenix2 watched died on my last week when trying to upload a swim.

Brief history, my first Fenix2 was great but just the wrist band connecting to the watch head broke. As mention in this post. I got that replaced.  The 2nd one died as it just would not hold power so I got it replaced.  The 3rd one well it just died on me when I was doing a restart and it did not recognized the USB when I plugged it in.

I was sad as it was out of warranty. However when I called Garmin Customer Service the guy was very helpful. He offered me 2 options, one was to replace the Fenix2 for another one for free(even thou it is out of warranty) or go for an upgrade Fenix3 for a little cost.  You can guess which one I selected…


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Cornwall Tri 2015

getting out of the swim (photo by my mom)

Last weekend was the Cornwall Tri (6 days ago as started I am writing this report). I am happy to say I completed it and felt good afterwards dropping some time in a few areas. The weather was great for race day too, no too hot and some sun here and there. I am going to write about about each section like what I did with my goals. On race day, I woke up around 3:30 and I was up. I eat a big breakfast and also force myself drink a bottle of Skratch labs Hyper Hydration Mix. As it says “This isn’t for sipping on the couch, it’s for when you’re about to spend some serious time and energy in the pain cave.” I know this tri I would be putting myself in the pain cave.

Swim – 1500 Meters
When I went to rent my wetsuit, the store only had a long sleeve wetsuit that was a bit tight for me. I had no choice and bite the bullet and grabbed it. I personally like a sleeveless wetsuit for two reasons, 1 more motion for my arms/ the feeling of it I am not a fan of and I do not need the extra buoyancy for my upper body when my legs already sink. My reach goal this year was break 28 minutes and realistic goal was to break 30 minutes, including T1. Since this tri does not have different timing for T1.

2 laps of 750 meters

As you can see from the picture above, the swim is a 750 meter rectangle. After getting my wetsuit on with the help of my sister, I walked down to the swim with two (Phil and his wife Guylaine) Cornwall Mutlisport Club Members that I saw at Maple City Tri a few weeks earlier. I got in the water and it felt great. I did a few warm up swims to get the body going and just relax. Before the start as we was lined up, one of the people to my left, made a joke about peeing now or later.  It helped take down the stress level. When the gun started I just went for it. This year, I went a bit closer to the inside from the the start. But was not in the inside area until most of lap one was finish with. As you can see with this image below.
swimloopsI just got into a rhythm and kept it with my arm strokes. My arms did felt a little different then last year with the full sleeve wetsuit. During the swim, I liked seeing the double buoys meaning to turn, which made it so easy to spot. My time for the swim was just over 27 minutes a bit slower then last year, which was 26 something. After the swim, there is a 200 meter run to transition, inbetween there are wet suit strippers (which I love).
running to T1 (photo by Cornwall Tri)

running to T1 and somewhere after this picture I lost the blue swim cap opps. (photo by Cornwall Tri)

getting out of the swim (photo by my mom)

getting out of the swim (photo by my mom)

Since I was wearing tri clothing already. Thanks to Team BBC voler tri clothing! I put on my bike shoes, helmet and grab my bike and off I went. I did forget to get a Untap or Sportsbeans next to my biking shoes. My time including the T1 was 29:41.1. For swimming slower then last year, my T1 time dropped a lot. It can be improved even more. Overall I am happy with my swim, I just need to get more conformable to swimming more inside with more contact. This will come in time. Looking back, I also forgot to hit the button for transition until I was pedaling on my bike which I did switch.  So give or take 30 seconds of my Garmin/Strava data. I did hit my realistic goal of breaking 30 minutes.

Bike – 40 KM
While I did not hit the button on the Garmin Fenix2 so I do not have 4 of the Strava segment but only 3, as I hit the button past the start of it. This year I felt great on the bike, getting into a rhythm and kept it up.
and making sure I was clipped it (did not hear the right foot click)

and making sure I was clipped it (did not hear the right foot click) photo by Cornwall Tri

On race day, I forgot my Garmin Edge on my bed, so I was going to at the data while riding opps. At least I still have my Fenix2 but meant I have to look at my watch while riding.  The course had a few sections which was freshly paved which made it amazing. One thing I loved about this tri is the 10KM loops are closed to road traffic which I am a big fan of. Thanks to The Sufferfest and TrainerRoad for building me faster this year and it felt great.
coming into T2

coming into T2

Only hiccup for me on the bike this year, as I did drink my water and Skratch Labs was that on my last loop, just when I was three quarters done with the loop. My chain came off from the front derailleur. Looking at the Garmin Connect data I lost just over 2 minutes as you can see in the picture below.

last lap you can see the 2 minutes I lost for 2015 data

Strava Segments data

I did get beat my personal best the Strava segment 2 times offically and another time if you take away the lost time from the chain slip. Also the first lap I should have beaten it too as I was going faster on that lap. My reach goal was 1 hour and 10 minutes and my realistic goal was 1 hour and 25 minutes. My time last year was 01:30:25. This year my time was 1:26:15.9 so I did not beat any of the goals. If my chain did not come off, I would beaten the reach goal. Always next year I guess.
I am not sure but it was pretty quick. I dropped off the bike, helmet, change shoes and off I went after grabbing my race belt. I did not hear a beep so no idea how long it was. My time on my Garmin watch was 30 seconds so I am happy for that but I think it was around a minute.
Run – 10KM
The run itself is along the St. Lawarance River on the path to Grey Creek park and run back. It has some sections of shade but mostly no shade. My reach goal was 1 hour and my realistic goal is 1 hour and 25 minutes. Leading up to this, I know my speed for short runs have been improving but longer runs. I have not run as much as I wanted to for longer distances but I figure I just go with the flow.  On race day after I put on my belt, I hit the button of my watch and started to run. I felt better then last year. As you can see you are running mostly along the river.

Run course

I kept moving and only stopped twice, once for my untap that I dropped and other time at the aid station to get more drinks. I eat some sport beans while running and felt good. At a few of the aid stations I grab something but felt great to skip a few of them as well which I can say was a nice item. This year it did not seem that a lot of folks was passing by me. I looked at my watch a few times and just go with the flow.

running back to the finish (photo by Cornwall Tri)

finishing up with a new personal best (photo by my mom)

I wanted to do better at a few times but my legs told me to shut up so I listen to them.  At the end my run was 1:15:29.4 which blows away my last year split of 1 hour and 30+ minutes and a minute plus shy of my record 10K since I restarted keeping track.
My end time for the tri was 3:11:26:4 compared to last year time of 03:32:01.9. I am pretty happy with that almost 21 minute improve of overall time.  Also I enjoyed it more this year and I did have fun. I can not wait to next year event!
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2015 Cornwall Tri Goals

With just over a month away from the tri. I need to put out there my goals for the race: I know I still need to catch up on my other blog posts. Including my first bike only race, which was interesting. Now back to my goals for the Cornwall Tri. As this is the race I am training for last year and this year.

Swim – 1500 Meters

Last year my time for the swim including T1 was 30:38. I been swimming a little bit better but not sure on how I will do. My realistic goal is to break 30 minutes including T1. The reach goal is to break 28 minutes. The place I rented the wetsuit is gone sadly. So I need to find a new place to rent and also figure out sizing.  If I have the same suit, I know I be fine and should be within both goals. Also I be swimming closer to the bouy, so I do not swim distance as I did last year. Also I will have my tri top on instead of putting on a jersey during the T1.

Bike – 40 KM

Last year my time was 01:30:25.  Some parts of the bike course has gotten repaved. My reach goal is 1 hour and 10 minutes again and my realistic goal will be 1 hour and 25 minutes. I also want to beat my time on this Strava segment and move up the ladder. I should be faster this year for 3 reasons, better training then last year, clipping in my shoes, and my rear wheel is carbon.


Drop the bike off and grab something to eat and start running. Realistic 6 minutes and reach 3 minutes. I increase my realistic goal because I am changing shoes this year.

Run – 10KM

My time last year was 1:31:01 for the 10KM, which I had to walk a lot. I just bonked. My updated Garmin Fenix 2 says my 10K should be 52:33 which is faster then last year of 54 minutes. My reach goal is 1 hour and realistic goal is 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Also my goal is to have fun and enjoy it. Thank you for the read and looking forward to doing the race in a month or so.

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catch up on training March

The weather is finally turning nice and I am enjoying it more and more. I have got a few more minor snow falls. But lets catch up.  A lot of days I did not work or trained sadly.  I just got into a slump but that happens.

According to my training log I March 1st I did not work out.

On March 2nd I used TrainerRoad and rode for 52 minutes of The Sufferfest Hell Hath No Fury. I do not remember why I did not finish the video maybe because of a time. It was a good workout at least.

March 3, but I still got two bike workouts out of it. Both training I did on TrainerRoad. First was the Sky Warm up, which is a 20 minute video of getting my legs ready for what was to come. The second video was Sufferfest Extra Shot. This video was 20 or so minutes of pure pain but a good pain.

It snowed on March 4 and I only shoveled for 15 minutes.

For the 5th and 6th I did not do anything.  Which was not that good since the 7th I had my indoor Tri. For a few areas I did worst in and other areas I did better in.  Always next year.  On the 8th I took a rest day.

March 9 I run a quick mile loop around my house. As it was finally warm enough to run outside. Then I had a shorter swim. It was 1550 yards which is short of a mile. I do not know why I did not go for the mile but it beats not swimming at all.

It snowed again for March 10, so no training for me.  For the 11 and 12 I did not do anything training.

On the thirteen of March I did all three sports but not a BRICK workout. First I swim 1,100 yards within 20 minutes. I forgot a class was happening so that kind of reduce my workout time to 20 minutes. Then I tested out my new button bracket for my bike. It was just a quick test to make sure items are going well. I did notice a clipping sound from my Front Derailleur. It turns out that my Crank is a little bent in one section which was causing the sound.  It should not do any more harm to the group set and the chain (Found out when I asked Roger at the bike shop).  Then I did a quick run around the street. Going at a harder pace then I normally did. I wondering how long I could have cold it without collapsing.

From the 14 to the 17 I did not do any training at all.

On the 18, I was able to sneak in a mile swim before lunch. I do not know why but I had a 750 yard swim. Then 3 100s then 550 yards then a 50 as I mist counted during the swim to bring me a mile. All within 34 minutes including rest between sets.  I am pretty happy for that.

Sadly after a good swim I did not do any training on the 19.

I swim another mile on the 20th. Including 50 yards doing backstroke.  It was another good 33 minutes swim. Hopefully these swim workouts will pay off this year in Cornwall.

On the 21st I did not do any training. We had some snow on the 22 so no training as well.

On the 23 I jumped back on the bike trainer for 45 minutes and used trainer road for The Sufferfest The Haunted. I do not remember why I only biked for most of the video but not all of it. It was still a great workout either way.

On the 24th I did not do any training.

On the 25, I tried to run on a new run route. It was my first run in a little while so I only did part of it but still ended up with 3.25 miles. This route is not new for biking but it is new for running.  I only did part of it but I was happy afterwards.  My speed was not there but that will happen. Still nice to say I did a 5K.

The rest of the month I did not do any training sadly.  I can say now in June when I am writing this. April I did a lot more training so I am happy for that. Well thank you for reading and have a great day.

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oh hi Deer in the road

This will be quick.  But today I was riding trying to get more distance in.  I was doing a course loop and right in the middle of one of the loops a deer pop in.

Hopefully you can see better in the video. Sadly I need to readjust the zoom on it.

Thank you for reading this short video.

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wow been a while..

I do not know what happen for me stop writing quick updates.  I will try to catch up later.

happy training everyone

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2015 Everyone Can Tri – Indoor triathlon

So this tri came and went. Overall I am happy with a few items but overall disappointed with a few things.  At least I know I am using this as a training tool to stage where I am at. This year the event grew 13 relays (2 last year), 15 guys (12 last year), and 26 ladies (17 last year). So was a lot more heats so it was hard to tell where everyone was doing. As mention in goals I had a few targets I was aiming for.

First the swim this year I noticed a few recent college swimmers who was at the pool. I only swim a handful of times before but I know I was not going to get the most distance of my heat but will try my best to do so. When the time started, I was with the the two college guys, who was able to pull ahead of me after 150 yards. I kept my strokes constant and just kept plugging away.  Towards the end of the time limit I was starting to catch up to one of the swimmers with my lap times. Total distance was 950 yards for me. My swim data is located here. I was just short of my 40 lengths goal but I still was happy with that.

During the transition I grabbed my Team BBC Jersey made by Voler and put it on. Next up was the bike. This year I learned from last year and brought my spinning/MTB shoes to use. These shoes are pretty heavy compare to my road shoes or even normal sneakers. My left foot was unable to clip in for some reason. I think it was because the seat post was a bit too high. I kept playing with the gearing to hit the right speed. Doing the first few minutes I made sure I grab my Sports Beans and eat them and drink my water. I should have done this sooner as by the time it hit me, the event was over. I made sure I did not go anywhere to shut down the bike computer and kept my RPMS high. At the end my distance on the bike read 7.7 which was 1.3 from my goal. So next year I know what to change slightly.

I switch my shoes and went as fast as I can towards the treadmills. These are on the other side of the building. Lastly was the run with my goal being 1.5 miles. With the February that we had over here in Western, NY. I have not been able to run so what I did was speed things up for running speed and then slow for a walk and then repeat.  I used a foot pod but I did not calibrate it before use. So the distance on it was a bit more then what I had on the treadmill. My data of the run is here. I did this for 15 minutes and at the end I had 1.23 miles. Which was worst then last year data but at least I felt better doing this. Oh well I was still happy I got this event done.

Overall I did not hit any of my targets so I am disappointed looking back at it. Next year I will try to top my top distances from last year.  Untill next post, thank you for reading my post.  Have a great day.

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