feels good to be back

It has been a while since I been on here. Well I figure I go on here to say hi. I am looking forward to reading and commenting on items.

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2017 Cornwall Triathlon Goals 

This is my 4th year of doing this race. Sadly I do not think that I have trained enough and I am heavier this year too. For two of the three sports I will be able to hold my own. But for one sport I know I been lacking so here are my goals for this year tri.

Swim (1500 meters) 

I have done some swimming but not as much as I have hope for. I have gone full tilt for the 3 Elmore Triathlons I done on work days. First two years T1 was in the swim time so can not put a best and worst time. My reach goal is break 25 minutes and my realistic goal is 35 minutes. I am not sure if I will be using full or half or even wearing a suit. If no wetsuit add 5 minutes to both.


Last year was the first year with T1. I have practice this a few times this year. Last year time was 3 minutes and 39 seconds. My reach goal will be 3 minutes and realistic goal will be R minutes and 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Yes only nine seconds faster but still faster. 

Bike (40 KM)

I have been riding more this year. I even done more hills workouts. My worst time was my first year at 1 hour and 30 minutes which was my first year and my best was last year 1 hour and 24 minutes. I will be renting wheels for the race so it be interesting. Right now my reach goal is 1 hour and 20 minutes (18 mphs average) and realistic goal is 1 hour and 25 minutes. 


Last year I was 1 minute and 55 seconds. I am going to say reach 1 minute and 30 seconds and realistic will be 2 minutes. 

Run (10 KM)

This 2nd time writing this section as it was blank. So my best time was last year at 1 hour and 9 minutes and worst time was first year 1 hour and 31 minutes. I have been busy with work and been laziness so I have not run as much as I should have. This one I could be okay to blowing up so we see what happens. My reach goal is 1 hour and 15 minutes and realistic is 1 hour and 25 minutes. 

Thank you for reading my blog and happy training.

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2017 Muddy Onion A little Late

Hello, I been busy with work and have not had the time to do a write up. So here it is a quick one with images.

Since I do not have a gravel/adventure bike yet. Friday Night get set u with the Demo Bike from Salsa and talk bikes.  It was a good time. I got use a Salsa Warbird which was pretty sweet.


Saturday roughly 500 folk showed up at the start of the ride.


And this year I notice one of the guys taking pictures so I was able to get in a few of them.  Enjoy them, as the weather was perfect in my mind.  The gravel was nice, I did see one person take a spill on one section but not too bad.


Thinking what did I get myself into again



Some of the views around me is awesome



Love when the chain slips it is okay thou



The Salsa rep with his sweet bike

Overall a fun time.  I was a bit slower then last year looking at my strava data but I am happy with the riding.  Until next report thank you for riding.

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Biking to work 

This year I am biking to work a bit more. I normally walk to work but my goal is to get my legs going.

Down below is my entry-level mountain bike from Specialized call Hardrock. It is a 26 hard tail. I mount my Lights and Motion Taz 1500 in the front and Bontrager Flare R Tail Light.

The bike behind is a coworker who bikes to work every day of the year. Including when the state shut down for a snow storm. 

I do not bike when it is raining so I have not biked as much as I hope for. Hopefully this week I can bike to work a few more times. Happy training 

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Demoing Salsa Warbird 

This year I will be demoing a Salsa Warbird for Muddy Onion present by Onion River Sports. As a few things has come up and I will not be getting a gravel bike till Summer at best. 

I am not sure what version of the Warbird I be riding but I am going to guess this one. Last year I rented a cross bike which was okay but I was not a fan of parts of it. 

Well time to check on the meals for the week. Happy training 

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Joys of Living in the Northeast USA

Good news it is going to warm up later this week as it will snow Tuesday and Wednesday.  Just 8-12 inches is what the weather folks say. I will let you know once it snows how much I actually get here. Yesterday I walked to spinning and then to work and then back home.  It was -4F degrees without wind when walking.  The wind was picking up. Needless to say I had a good afternoon nap after working 4.5 hours for 6.75 hours of vacation time later to use. I currently live roughly 1.25 miles uphill from my work.

I do not mind the cold or snow, I just do not like ice. A few of my coworkers know how many different places I have lived in in my short life so far and ask me why I picked to work here.  And I say it is closer to my family and I enjoy the cold more then the heat.

Today I walked in town to get food for the week and then bike for a little bit on the trainer. I am hoping to run once or twice this week.  I only run last week once but I am just happy to get out during lunch to run. I biked a few times and that was good too.

Have a great week everyone!

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Almost daylight savings 

Soon it is will be day light savings which will be good in a way. I am enjoying daylight when I am walking to and from work currently. 

Right now my goals for this week is to bike 4 times and run once. I was going to bike this am but I wanted to beat the freezing rain to work. It will warm up later and it will be fine 

I already biked past two days so I am happy with that. Have a great Wednesday and happy training. 

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24 hours after new bike fitting

So yesterday, I had my fitting at FitWerx with Ian. So this post is after 24 hours after the fitting. It is pretty cold here but when I got up and saw the snow on the ground I was shocked.  I guess it was not too cold to snow. I left my place early and got they early just in case the roads was icy. Also with the snow and salt on the roads, I put my road bike in the back seat of my car. Old person car for the win!

The fit process took about 2.75 hours long. I have meet Ian before but he introduce himself. First he measure my current road bike set up.  Then he ask questions about what my goals are, what I planning to do with this bike, etc. After that he did measurements including flexibility and balance. After it was time on the adjustable bike to play with the set up.(picture from other Fitwerx location)


Ian took a few images of saddle pressure, pedal stroke, and also did around seven videos of me in current and new position. One of the cool things is pedal stroke measurement for each 15 degree part of the stroke. I knew that my right leg would be stronger but neat to see. Ian also give me tips for better posture and to avoid injuries down the road. One of them is my elbows needs to be bent more.

At the end I got a flash drive with information:

  • videos
  • breakdown of my measurements
  • image of how my legs pedal (see below)


He went over some bikes and what ones will fit my body the best. Also he went over what to look out for. Right now I am down to 3 bikes within my “budget.” As this shop also has custom frames too. As another frame would have fit me best but it is out of my budget.  Here is the 3 bikes that will match my fit the best in no order:


Salsa salsa-2017-timberjack-woodsmoke-new-mukluk-vaya-marrakesh-adventure-cycling-association_-57

Felt (new to me as of yesterday but researching this option now too)

Ian said I can look at other models if I wanted. From doing this fitting service, I also got a store credit for new bike. We see what happens depending on a few things I will make my decision and also timing too.

Afterwards he even adjusted my seat height for my road bike at no charge.  Also let me know a few things I can do change my stem and also foot mold inserts for cycling shoes. Overall a great experience and I will highly recommend doing this for looking at new bikes.

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Update on new bike and road bike

I just wanted to give you a heads up on what is new.  

First I schedule a meeting with a bike fitter to see what bikes will work for me.  Since a few of the bikes on my list has to be shipped in. I think this might help cut down what bikes I am looking at.  My appointment is next Saturday hopefully by then I will have my refunds.  But if not I can do more research and drive to shops. 
I got my road bike back and the new button bracket is awesome so far. Along with the new (to me) crank.  I did a FTP test today and my numbers are coming back. I was happy to see the result on TrainerRoad after doing The Sufferfest Rubber Glove video. 

Well time to get ready for work. Thank you for reading and happy training. 

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It is nice outside 

Today I was able to go running at lunch for the first time in a while. I have not run in a while but I was happy to get a mile in. Took a few minutes for the GPS to kick in and for my HRM to work.  But I still ran at lunch time. 

Also I saw one road bike out today too so that is awesome. Soon I be out too.  Thanks for reading my short blog post. 

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