2016 Muddy Onion

My laptop keyboard is acting up so I am using my phone. Since this event starts and finish in the town I am living I figured might as well signed up. I don’t have a cx or gravel bike yet so I rented a cx bike. When the guy at the shop asked if I want the flats change out he was surprised when I said no then I told him of my road pedals.. At the time I signed up there was two people that I knew.

The not so good:

I signed up there was two people that I knew. Both had to drop out (broken collarbone on first day of vacation and family emergency)
 Brakes on the rental needed adjustment on them
It was cool to start and was going to warm up so I just wear a bib and TeamBBC kit right when we switch back to Voler kit
Both my Garmin 810 and Virb died forgot to charge batteries 

The good:

I learned I have better bike handling see comment of brakes above
Having my GPS watch as backup to know the distance 
Great course Race start and finish within a mile and a half from my houseWell marked no way of getting lost and great signs for caution for areas that needed them
Over 3000 feet of elevation
Got to learn more about my biking skills are at and what kind of shape I am

The fun:

After race BBQ with beverages but I just got a burger and walked uphill to my place 
Some parts of the course I will do then again and got to explore more of the area I moved to 
Meet more bikersMaple syrup shots

Would I do this again yes. Here is some video of my ride if you are board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY_68AE2QcU

Thank you for reading this.

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Quick Update

I an going to keep this short. Three things here first when I was putting air in all my wheels I notice two chips on the braking surface. As you can see below.


This is on my Powertap hub wheel so I wouldn’t be using this, sadly as I want to be safe. I been in contact with a few places and it will cost $900 to replace the rim with labor and delivery.  I just do not have that right now and I was looking at the pedals and getting a new set of wheels next year. So I will be using my training rear wheel for now. I will switch the brake pads and cassette later this month.

Second I signed up for Muddy Onion a 35 miles gravel race where I am living. I don’t have my mountain bike with me so I am renting a cross bike. The race is next weekend and I will keep you posted on how it goes. As I was at




Lastly I think I found a few running partners so hopefully I can get better. As that is my weakest part of my tri.  Thank you for reading my quick blog post.

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November Training log

It is not April and I am playing catch up here again.

November 6 I test out Stryd Power Meter for running. Just a quick half mile and it was pretty nice to see power numbers when running. I will post a review of this later as I have not used it that much sadly. Later that day I also rode my road bike around for a nice 7 mile ride. It was pretty windy that day from what I can tell from my tittle on Strava and Garmin websites.

On the 8th I went out for my 2nd run with Stryd. This time it was neat looking at the data after the run and seeing where I was working it and not power wise. The next day I was able to swim for 20 minutes again in an empty pool.

On the 15th I biked and went towards Morgan Hill to hit it once from the east and west. It was a nice 12 mile ride in total. Only part of the ride I do not like was crossing the train tracks two times as I have to make sure I go over them at 90 degrees.  The tracks are 45 degrees when going over them in a straight line on the road…  But I was happy with the riding including hitting the hill.

The 18th I road again with lots of wind for a quick 7.25 mile ride. Just a loop I normally do with all right hand turns that I was a big fan of. On the 20th I subbed for another Professor and on the way home, I stop by the pool and swim just over a mile. The next day, it was 41 degrees so I ran in t shirt and shorts. It was a nice 1.81 miles, cool at first but I warmed up and kept going.

The 21st it snowed a little bit but I still biked outside in shorts and a shot sleeves. It was a nice 14 miles in over an hour of riding. On the 23, I had plans for a longer swim but I only manage a mile. Then after Thanksgiving I rode 16.85 miles. It was 50 degrees and I loved it very much. I worked a race on Thanksgiving so I didn’t get to do any training.  But this made up for it. On the 30th I swim after working out for the first time in who knows. The distance was less then a mile but I was feeling the weights for sure.

Thank you for reading my November training log.


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October training log

As I start writing this post, after US Thanksgiving. My pool is closed until Monday so I figure I start to write my training post from the past 2 months. I have done a few updates but nothing in detail. So here is my training in October and November.

October first, I was still waiting for the new Fenix3 to come replace my old Fenix2 that bit the dust. But I used my Garmin Swim to track my swim workout. First I swim 550 yards as my warm up, then swim 150 yards, and then 100 yards. I forgot how slim the Garmin Swim felt and how I miss it in a way. The swim was a nice swim with my sister in the lane next to me.  I only did roughly a half mile.

On October 7th, I rode my bike with my sister for a nice ride. It was 7.8 miles but it was nice to ride together. My chain did came off two times but I adjusted the front derailleur so hopefully it be fixed. But overall a nice ride together.

On October 9th, I swim again with the Garmin Swim. First part I swim half a mile, then 300 yards, and finally 250 yards.  It was an alright swim but soon I need to start doing intervals to get some speed back. As I think my base is coming back.

On October 10 it was a nice day. As I got my replacement and new Fenix 3 watch. To celebrate this I went swimming with a 1,300 yard workout. In typing this I need to do a review of the Fenix 3. Maybe I do that next but this was a good workout.  I need to improve on my swimming and get back to where I was pre grad school for speed and body.

On October 11, I jog with my sister. I could have took off but I figured I go with her and see how she is doing.  She seems to be doing okay but needs some speed. Later that day, I swim 1,500 yards and was happy with it.

The 14th of October I was able to test out the Fenix3 part screens with a 11.15 mile ride.  I still need to edit it but I was able to get my bike VO2 max number after this ride. It was lower then I thought but then again I did not go all out on it too.

The 16 of October I jogged 1.65 miles. My pace could have been a little faster but I was happy that I was able to get out there. If I remember I also cut short part of the run too as I was not feeling it. Good thing this was in my off season or I would be a little upset.  But it happens in all three sports, as everyone can not be perfect 100% of the time.

On the 19, I went out for my last outdoor FTP test. I thought it be one of the last ones. I rode just a little over 20 miles. It went alright but one thing I can remember when writing this in April is chain came off again when I was gunning it.  I still got a PR and a top 4 on a Strava segment so I was happy with that but bummed I could have done better one another segment.

On the 24th I swim a mile, that was broken up. No one was in the pool with me only the lifeguard so I just did my thing. On the 26th I ran 2.78 miles around my neighborhood and a park close by. My average speed was not that hot but at least I got out and ran.The 29th I swim just under a mile non stop in 24 minutes. I do not remember anything else about this swim. On the 30th I biked 9.58 miles in shorts and a t shirt. It was 40 degrees so I figured why not right?

Thank you for reading this far down if you made it this far.  I will try to catch up.  It is now April 2016 and I haven’t been good with this blog.  Just so focus on my job and that is about it sadly. Thank you again for reading.


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My Fenix3 Review

So after using the Garmin Fenix 3 for a little while. So here is a list of items I like and dislike about it.


  • Color screen to make it easy to look at
  • data screens options (perfect for swimming 4 data fields on the screen, bike, and run too)
  • can have multi powermeters/candence/heartrate to sync to without having to pair each item again (unlike Fenix 2)
  • Activity tracking (like it to tell me to move if I been sitting for to long)
  • Able to use Styrd PowerMeter on the watch after download from IQ
  • Virtual Racer and Virtual Partner
  • Swim HR once I get the straps
  • Wifi
  • VO2 max for both running and biking
  • now able to add other sport profiles onto the watch as well


  • have to start the sleep mode (edit now this is automatic now)
  • different charger then Fenix2 (it is improve) but I have 2 others I need to get rid of now
  • no strava segments warnings unlike my Edge 810 (if I was strave premuin and have a smart phone)

I do not have a smart phone so I can not put this as a plus or a negative right now. I will test it out once I get one as soon as one big US Carrier carries the phone I want.

So overall I am pretty happy with the update I did even thou I do miss my Fenix2 for some items. Will I buy this again yes you bet.  I need something for multi sports function for when I am doing a brick or even if I am doing a tri.

Thanks for reading my short blog.  Happy training.

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Happy 2016

Sorry for not being on here as much.  I am just getting settle in after my move and with the holidays.  I start my new job on Monday and I can not wait to see how it goes. I am going back on the bike today and here hoping it goes well.  I have to do a few catch up posts but that will be happening later.

Sad thing about my new place I do not have the pool as I used to have it…  I was spoiled in western NY.

Here hoping 2016 is a great year for everyone and thank you for reading my blog post.

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quick update

Hi all,

I am still training but I just accepted a new job 6.5 hours from where I am living at. I be starting working in Jan with the new job. So I am going to be busy looking for a new place to live and get settle in.  Some great hills where I am moving to.  I am sad to leave where I am at right now, as I am spoiled with some great items here.  I will post another updates later.  Have a great Friday and happy training.

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