Happy 2016

Sorry for not being on here as much.  I am just getting settle in after my move and with the holidays.  I start my new job on Monday and I can not wait to see how it goes. I am going back on the bike today and here hoping it goes well.  I have to do a few catch up posts but that will be happening later.

Sad thing about my new place I do not have the pool as I used to have it…  I was spoiled in western NY.

Here hoping 2016 is a great year for everyone and thank you for reading my blog post.

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quick update

Hi all,

I am still training but I just accepted a new job 6.5 hours from where I am living at. I be starting working in Jan with the new job. So I am going to be busy looking for a new place to live and get settle in.  Some great hills where I am moving to.  I am sad to leave where I am at right now, as I am spoiled with some great items here.  I will post another updates later.  Have a great Friday and happy training.

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Powertap Grassroots Athletes Program

I am applying to be part of Powertap Grassroots Athletes Program this year.  It is worth the shot at it. As I do have an Powertap Hub which I love even thou the Carbon rim (might need some work on it soon). I also enjoy the other products the group sells and sets up, that is made in the USA. I have the following Saris bike bunk holder, Saris Sentinel 3, and Cycleops Fluid2 trainer.

If I am one of the lucky 25 who get selected I will get the following perks:

PowerTap Will Provide

  • Education through SCG Training Camp.
  • 65% discount on all Saris (up to $500), CycleOps (up to $1,000), PowerTap (up to $3,000).
  • 50% discount on PowerTap kits.
  • PowerTap swag for events.
  • Opportunity to visit PowerTap headquarters in Madison, WI.
  • Additional brand education through webinars.
  • Clinic outlines for seminars.

Pretty sweet deal in my mind. If you want more information and apply go for it.  Here is the link http://powertap.com/support/sponsorship

Happy riding and good luck to those who are applying.

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Got to take advantage of the Wind


This is just going to be a short post. But today I saw that the wind was coming from the south. So I planned my ride accordingly today as I only had around 30 minutes to ride my bike today. The plan of the route, go against the wind and then hammer it with the wind back home while creating a rectangle route. By doing this I will have a shot at 2 segments (turns out to be 3 as I forgot about 1) that I was hoping to move up the leader board.



Well survey says I did well with the wind on my back!

That is right a 20 second (1.2 miles segment and 6 second lead) and 43 second dropped (1.8 mile segment and 10 second) to get two KOM. On the 4th overall I dropped a second but my legs could not take it anymore as that one was right after the other 2. I could not be happier.

Here is the video of the 3 segments

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This makes me sad

I love my grassroots races and how they help our sport grow.  Now it seems like big name folks are going to ruin the sport.   I saw this today and figure I post about it.  RIP Vineman but some folks are just getting to greedy.  From that article it mentions “Escape from Alcatraz announced a 67 percent rate hike, jacking up entry fees from $450 to $750 for an event that’s slightly longer than the Olympic distance.”   The article mentions how VIneman finishers was down past years. I am guessing folks only have so much money to go after races and if the one race is $700 it takes away from smaller races.  But that is just my thinking about it.  I do not know much about this race besides heard a few good reviews from two folks who race this race.

For someone who has supports the smaller races.  This is where our sport can grow and become popular.  I was working at a small sprint tri this summer, and you know what the race directors did.  They asked all of those who was first timers to step up to the podium and congratulated them for the first tri.  Now that is what I am talking about.

Down the road I would love to do an Iron Distance event but we see what brand it be, but kind of sad to see the grass roots leaving. But my first official tri was a small one and I am proud to say I like how they are keeping it grassroots. Even though another company offered to buy them out a few years ago.

Happy training!

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To get a Coach or not?

I have been thinking about getting a coach for past couple months. As I need someone to make me more accountable. I was looking at my Strava profile and I had most of my bike miles for this year, in the winter months. I know it is sad but it was on the bike trainer with TrainerRoad and Tour of Sufferlandria. Also was looking at my trainingpeaks account and wow for time, I trained a week. Then again I was busy with work but I need to make time for training.

My pros of having a coach

  • Keeps me accountable
  • Frees up time as he/she will have workouts already planned
  • Structure
  • Provide wisdom and knowledge I do not have and able to break down items
  • Hopefully prevents over training or injury

My cons of having a coach

  • Cost with limited funds
  • time commitment if I get a new job that drains all my free time up (in the market so I do not know)
  • location if I moved if I pick a local coach

I have a few prospective coaches, I want to talk to.  I know I want something for next year but not sure what yet. It might be a coach with a plan, or just a plan or a coach to check up on me ever few weeks. That is about it. For those who read my blog, let me know what you think.

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Got my Stryd Powermeter

This is going to be pretty short. Earlier this year, I saw a running powermeter on KickStarter called Stryd. I talked to my sister about it and she liked it too. So we both got one during the fundraising campaign.  I missed the early bird by a few hours as it was sold out by the time I got to it. This past week well it finally arrived.

Here is a video of the unboxing:

The powermeter is in a form of a heart rate strap. I look forward to testing it out on my Fenix3.  As I am writing this it was 70 degrees today in Western, NY but I did not get home to enjoy it.  So hopefully I can enjoy some of the good weather before it snows again.

I will be getting started soon with it.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy the video.

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