Got to take advantage of the Wind


This is just going to be a short post. But today I saw that the wind was coming from the south. So I planned my ride accordingly today as I only had around 30 minutes to ride my bike today. The plan of the route, go against the wind and then hammer it with the wind back home while creating a rectangle route. By doing this I will have a shot at 2 segments (turns out to be 3 as I forgot about 1) that I was hoping to move up the leader board.



Well survey says I did well with the wind on my back!

That is right a 20 second (1.2 miles segment and 6 second lead) and 43 second dropped (1.8 mile segment and 10 second) to get two KOM. On the 4th overall I dropped a second but my legs could not take it anymore as that one was right after the other 2. I could not be happier.

Here is the video of the 3 segments

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This makes me sad

I love my grassroots races and how they help our sport grow.  Now it seems like big name folks are going to ruin the sport.   I saw this today and figure I post about it.  RIP Vineman but some folks are just getting to greedy.  From that article it mentions “Escape from Alcatraz announced a 67 percent rate hike, jacking up entry fees from $450 to $750 for an event that’s slightly longer than the Olympic distance.”   The article mentions how VIneman finishers was down past years. I am guessing folks only have so much money to go after races and if the one race is $700 it takes away from smaller races.  But that is just my thinking about it.  I do not know much about this race besides heard a few good reviews from two folks who race this race.

For someone who has supports the smaller races.  This is where our sport can grow and become popular.  I was working at a small sprint tri this summer, and you know what the race directors did.  They asked all of those who was first timers to step up to the podium and congratulated them for the first tri.  Now that is what I am talking about.

Down the road I would love to do an Iron Distance event but we see what brand it be, but kind of sad to see the grass roots leaving. But my first official tri was a small one and I am proud to say I like how they are keeping it grassroots. Even though another company offered to buy them out a few years ago.

Happy training!

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To get a Coach or not?

I have been thinking about getting a coach for past couple months. As I need someone to make me more accountable. I was looking at my Strava profile and I had most of my bike miles for this year, in the winter months. I know it is sad but it was on the bike trainer with TrainerRoad and Tour of Sufferlandria. Also was looking at my trainingpeaks account and wow for time, I trained a week. Then again I was busy with work but I need to make time for training.

My pros of having a coach

  • Keeps me accountable
  • Frees up time as he/she will have workouts already planned
  • Structure
  • Provide wisdom and knowledge I do not have and able to break down items
  • Hopefully prevents over training or injury

My cons of having a coach

  • Cost with limited funds
  • time commitment if I get a new job that drains all my free time up (in the market so I do not know)
  • location if I moved if I pick a local coach

I have a few prospective coaches, I want to talk to.  I know I want something for next year but not sure what yet. It might be a coach with a plan, or just a plan or a coach to check up on me ever few weeks. That is about it. For those who read my blog, let me know what you think.

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Got my Stryd Powermeter

This is going to be pretty short. Earlier this year, I saw a running powermeter on KickStarter called Stryd. I talked to my sister about it and she liked it too. So we both got one during the fundraising campaign.  I missed the early bird by a few hours as it was sold out by the time I got to it. This past week well it finally arrived.

Here is a video of the unboxing:

The powermeter is in a form of a heart rate strap. I look forward to testing it out on my Fenix3.  As I am writing this it was 70 degrees today in Western, NY but I did not get home to enjoy it.  So hopefully I can enjoy some of the good weather before it snows again.

I will be getting started soon with it.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy the video.

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John and Lynne

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Sad to read this but since I belong to Baltimore Bike Club, I think I need to keep in mind to enjoy every moment. Sad to hear the news spread like crazy from a few friends of mind.

Originally posted on chasing mailboxes :

When I began riding bikes with the D.C. Randonneurs, I didn’t imagine the significant role this activity, as well as the people involved in it, would have on my life. But the randonneuring community is small and the rides are long. Preparation for the longer events leads to pick-up rides through the countryside with other randonneurs.

Brevets require riders to maintain an overall pace, but randonneuring rewards successful completion rather than speed, and I think these elements contribute to the evolution of a rather unique sporting club. 

There aren’t that many people who “get it” when it comes to randonneuring. Most people think we’re crazy and tell us so in various ways. But we know the appeal of long days on the open road, and even if we don’t share much in common beyond that, we have a way of sticking together.

In a sense, it’s like living in a small town. Our little community grows stronger through mutual acceptance…

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August and September Catch up

I am still playing catch up but I am almost done. August was a good month overall with the tri I was going after being on this month. It is at the end of October so it will be done soon.

If you remember my left crank came off at my last ride.  Well I got it back from the shop and I got a new button bracket for free under warranty. August 2nd, I got my bike back with new button bracket. So I went with a ride with my sister on the road. It nice to ride with her. We gained 118 feet of evaluation during part 1. Part two was just going home but it was nice riding with someone. It was a easy day but at least I got to test out the new botton bracket and I was happy. Later on the day, I went for my first run a while. It was a nice 2 miles and I was able to hold under 10 minute pace. So I was very happy with that.

The next day, I swim 1,000 yards. It was going to to be longer but because of time constraints I had to cut it short. Oh well but at least I got some pool time.

On August 9th, I rode my bike with my sister and then I turn it into a brick and go afterwards a run around the street. It was a nice seven plus miles ride with my sister. Minus the part where my chain came off twice from the front derailler. Grrr.. The run was a mile and a third.  I did push the run to see if my legs can handle the speed since it was getting closer to the Cornwall Tri.  Overall I was very happy with the workout.

My next activity was not to August 13 which was a run. I was very happy with the run after I was done with it. Being able to be faster then 9:30 minute per mile was way above my goal of this run. I felt good afterwards too so that was a plus. Compare to last year around this time.

On August 14, I rode my bike to Scottsville, NY to see location of my other job. I notice a pothole where I would hit if I was biking in the dark. I was going to bike to the race and then bike home. I decided to drive to the site to be safe. During this ride my chain came off again. I went to the shop to get my front derailleur adjusted to avoid the chain coming off the following day.

Two days later, it was one of my jobs summer party. I went to it and knowing I was swimming in the open water. I made sure I brought my Garmin Fenix2 with me along with my goggles. So I did some swimming and then was part of a relay. I did the swimming leg. I ended up helping my team win by having the fastest swim time.

On August 17 I just ran a mile, around my street. I was happy with it being under 9 minutes. I only had time for a loop around the street or I would have gone for more. The next day I rode for 10 miles. I did hit my goal of getting a better time on Smith road.So I was happy for that.

I had to do some riding for work on the 19th. I was not happy to bring my bike and doing all the course. One of the coworkers was getting frustrated during the race. But that is another story.I did ride a few more times but did not get it on the Garmin. Oh well at least I got a few short workouts out with the ride.

The day before the tri Aug 22 I did a nice brick to get my legs going. As I dialed everything in for the race. The next day was the Cornwall Tri. You can read about it here. I have to say this year went a lot better then last year.  Here hoping to next year being even better. When I got back, the next week. I ran at my Church 5K, you can read it here.

My last workout of August was a swim. The pool was busy for sure. I was not able to get my full workout in but I was happy to have my first swim since the Cornwall Tri. That is all I can remember from this workout.

September was not a good month for me training or other items as well.  I lost my Grandmother who I cared about a lot. Well back to the training part. On September 4th, I rode my bike 21 miles. Then on September 7th, I did a few local hills workout. I do not remember much about those two rides to be honest besides I did some thinking and pushed myself on them in a few places.

On September 9th, I rode around the GVCC course. I was hoping to do a few loops of the course but mother nature had other plans. I did finish one loop of the course but sadly I got rained on right when I turn onto the final straightaway. I was pleased with my riding for this and I think next time I will do better on the course.

Then I did not ride or do any training until September 24th. When I rode my bike for a quick 8 miles before I taught class. It was nice to get my legs moving and doing items.

On the 27, I swim 1,050 yards before the lunar eclipse. I am also pretty happy with my times from this workout. The next day, my Garmin Fenix2, died as I got a USB error message and then it went blank. I swim roughly a mile and the time included stoppage time.

Well that is it for my training logs. I wanted to thank those who have made comments and likes my past 2 posts. It makes my day when I get those emails. Thank you for reading my blog and happy training.

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Training catch up June and July

Well it is towards end of October and I am playing catch up again. I know I had some free time on my hands hence why you will get my 2nd blog post within 3 days.To make items flow better. I will just put the dates of the actives instead of listing days I was a bum or a rest days.

On June 4th I ran and swim afterwards.  The run workout was run 100 meters, jog 100 meters and so on.  I did that 6 times and then I went for a swim. The swim was 3 sets of 550 yards each. I did not have that planned but I guess it worked out that way, so I got my mile swim in. So I was happy with that now but back then I do not know how I was doing.

On June 5th, I road my bike to 2 GVCC bike courses and then back home. I was happy that I was able to cover both courses and be home within two hours. I also saw 1 deer on one of the loops of the courses. My average speed was where I wanted it to be above 15.1 MPH and my cadence was 69 which I am happy with. So overall this was a good ride for me covering 31 miles. Which was my longest outside ride since I moved back into Rochester.

On June 11, I rode an outdoor FTP test to see where I am at. I road the whole FTP test into a headwind of 11 MPH. The route was only suppose to be around 20 miles but because one of the bridges was under construction. I had to ride my bike an additional 3 miles. I was happy with the results as this was my first time using this 1 route for the FTP test.  I guess I need to hit a lap button on the edge to better mark the FTP.  But overall I was happy as I created a segment on Strava that is private.  So that works for me.

On June 13th, I ran but my watch at first said it was swimming. This was one of the times I noticed something was wrong with my watch.  But overall the run was alright, I ended up with 2.75 miles or around that. My pace was not that well but overall I am happy with the run. Then after the run, my Garmin died on the swim sadly. As it only got 100 yards in and then it died. So I lost the rest of my swim sadly, which I estimated around another 25 minutes so roughly 1400 yards. I did not do much other items.

On June 21st, I was in my first bike only race. Since I am a Cat 5 road racer this race was over 2 laps long, with the beg of the lap having a Cat 3 climb. I know I was going to get dropped but I still went for it. I only have three goals for this race, which were, to finish to have fun, and learn from what I can do differently for next time. I got to the race site and did my warm up after talking to a few folks. The data from the race is here. I set a new FTP for 20 minutes of power at the race. I should do a write up of the race. I had a video but sadly I had to edit some of it out. So you miss it when I hit my top speed of 41 MPH going downhill  You can watch the video down below.

The new Team BBC jersey by Voler was awesome. It felt like I had no drag at all. Overall I was happy to finish my first road race. I will do this race again. I also hit all three of my goals even thou I was a bit sore after the race.

On June 24th I swim for 37 minutes and was able to swim around a mile and a quarter. For this swim I am not sure what my goals was but I was happy with it. I did hit 30 seconds a few times for my lengths which is slow but I am okay with it. I know my swim will get better the more I do.

The next day I ran about a mile outside. It was only for around 9 minutes of running but still nice to test the speed of my legs. Then I also completed a few intervals. So overall it was a short leg workout.

June 26, I rode my bike for 15 miles. I had a longer route planned but I cut it short. I do not remember why I had to cut it short but oh well.  On the 27 I sagged the walk of a fundraiser race with my road bike. The next day I ran for 2 miles. With my average speed just over 10 minute per mile I was okay with it. The 2nd half I needed to get better endurance. Next year for sure I will work on this better for sure.

My next activity was a run up in Canada when I was visiting my family on July 3rd. It was a nice 2 miles. I started with my sister and then she gave me the green light to go ahead. So I did that and went to another development.  On the way back, I just picked it up and felt great going for the speed (my kind of speed) around 8 something per mile

On July 5th I did a quick 19 miles ride in Canada before driving back home. It was great going when the sun rise was happening and not much traffic too! I did not notice but I had a tailwind for the first half and on the way back it was a headwind… opps.  I enjoy riding on that road.  Next summer I got a longer route planned to go to a DQ get a blizzard and then ride back! I felt good for doing this ride and it helped before sitting in a car for 5-6 hours on the drive back home.

The next day I did a swim in the pool. I swim just over a mile with 2 parts I rested. I am happy to see no 30 seconds per length looking back at the splits. I then swim again on July 13th. Sadly this is when my Fenix 2 died again so I estimated I swim 1,200 yards in 25 minutes including rest.

On July 22 I went to a spin class with my sister. It was a good 55 minutes and I got my heart rate going for sure. I will go to this instructor again. Maybe when I get a full time job, I be able to pay for membership. As spin classes helps me workout even in the summer time.

The next day, I had a sweet ride. Too bad my powermeter batteries died around halfway into my ride. I did notice it when I was looking at doing a hill and looking at my power. That is all I can remember from this ride sadly.

I forgot to replace my powermeter batteries for my next ride on July 26. During this ride, I noticed something was not right with my shifting I thought. It turned out to be the left crank as the button bracket went, which caused the left arm of my crank to come off.  I was calm when I noticed it came off and went to a slow stop on a downhill.  I have the video down below of the rear view. I was only a few miles from home but I had to do the call of shame sadly. Later I walked with my sister around the neighborhood.

On the next day I swim a mile without my Garmin Fenix2. As that was still out or I was waiting for a RMA.  This was my last workout for July.  Which is not good as there was a few more days before August which is the Cornwall Tri.

Until next post, thank you for reading my blog.

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