Everyone Can Tri – Indoor Tri Results

Yesterday was my first race of the year with “Everyone Can Tri.”  It felt great to be able to race again. I woke up and forgot how long it took to get to where the race was.  So in a rush I decided not to eat anything to the bike part of the event, which was going to be a gel or two during the bike. Also decided not to bring my spinning shoes at the last minute. After driving to the YMCA and getting on the pool deck, I look around and smile. I am happy with how everything at the end went. I will do this again. I really enjoyed that everyone had its own lane to swim in. The 5 minutes transitions was nice as everyone seem to have enough time.

My reasons for the goals can be found here.


For my heat I was in lane 4 the middle one. I also noticed that there was one nice clock to the side of the pool that was counting up for the 15 minutes. The pool when I first jump in was nice and cool. The person running the swim say we could move around if we wanted to before the start.  So I went to the flags and swim and did a flip turn to try out my Louis Garneau Pro Tri Shorts. Made sure my Garmin Swim was ready to take on data, as it was only my 2nd swim with both of them.  When the time to start, I just swim and I noticed a big difference from the normal jammer and reg swim suit combo to just the tri shorts was.  I looked at after the first push off and said to myself “you got this and just swim my race.” During this part I was trying to be consistent in the swim.  After the 3rd hard flip turn, I noticed my shorts was starting to move, so I stop doing the hard flip turns. Most of the swim is just a big blur but I just kept turning over my arms and did not kick much till the end. As I was trying to save my legs for the next two sections of the tri. The Garmin Swim here is the details of my swim breakdown. My goal for this was 800 yards (almost half mile, 32 lengths) and I exceeded my goal and swim 1,000 yards (40 lengths) in 15 minutes. I finish 2nd overall in the swim part, one guy who swim in a different heat swam 1 length more then I did. Not too shabby for not eating breakfast.


During the transitions from bike to swim, one part of the Team BBC Jersey broke (good thing a new kit is on its way!). I was still able to zip it up and jump on the bike and eat a gel. The spin bike was one I been on before but the gearing was slightly different. I  do enjoy the Keiser M3 bike. All of the bikes was suppose to be on gear 8 when we started but my bike was on gear 3 and a few other different gears for the other folks in my wave. One thing that made me wish I used my spinning shoes was that my right foot keep losing part of the toe clips.  Also I kept hitting over 140 RPMS which shut down the computer for a bit. So I had to increase the gears after hearing everyone can change them up. I just watch my speed and try to hold the same speed. I did go past my goal of 4 miles and completed roughly 6.4 miles in 15 minutes. As the distance on the Keiser is between kilometers and miles. I did finish 4th from last on the bike. Next time I would move the gears up sooner so I do not hit the 140 RPM limit…  I would try to spin around 80-90 RPMs.


At this point I was starting to feel it.  I was trying to go for what I had left.  I have not run much on the treadmill. When I tried at the I go to swim at, the three treadmills are being used. So I do most of my slow running outside. I did hit my top speed on a treadmill since when I was in high school. But I had to turn down the speed for parts of it and just speed walk my way to finish the 15 minutes.  My sister said I looked like I was going to die. Even with all that, I did pass my goal of 1 mile as I ran 1.27 miles. For all of the guys, I finish 3rd to last on the run/jog part but I am okay with that as I crushed them with my strength.



Overall I am happy as I was able to meet all of my goals. I finish in the middle of the pack which is all I can ask for since I know my running legs are not there yet. Also I have not hit the bike as much because of the weather. I also learned from my mistakes and want to keep improving. For next year, I know, I should be able to beat what I did on this race (hopefully).

The full results are below:

Last Name First Name M/F Swim Laps Swim Points Bike Distance Bike Points Run Distance Run Points Total Points
M Nicklaus m 41 100 10.1 100 2.24 86.1538462 286.153846
G Marcus m 36 87.804878 8.8 87.1287129 2.6 100 274.933591
D Nate m 38 92.6829268 8.4 83.1683168 1.86 71.5384615 247.389705
F Sam m 30 73.1707317 9.5 94.0594059 1.74 66.9230769 234.153215
F Brian m 31 75.6097561 9.1 90.0990099 1.71 65.7692308 231.477997
V Michael m 34 82.9268293 8.4 83.1683168 1.63 62.6923077 228.787454
Bonneville John m 40 97.5609756 8 79.2079208 1.27 48.8461538 225.61505
F Lynn m 32 78.0487805 8.5 84.1584158 1.19 45.7692308 207.976427
L Eugene m 22 53.6585366 7.7 76.2376238 1.3 50 179.89616
H Peter m 23 56.097561 8.2 81.1881188 1.06 40.7692308 178.054911
C Glenn m 20 48.7804878 7 69.3069307 1.48 56.9230769 175.010495
A Jim  m 22 53.6585366 6.7 66.3366337 1.34 51.5384615 171.533632
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