today’s goal to run a 10K – post run updated as well

So the weather is warming up over here very nicely today supposedly.  As I am writing this it is 17 degrees outside but today’s high will be 50!  So I figured today will be a good day to try to run 10KM in once session to get ready for the Olympic Tri run part. As both the run and the bike parts I am a worried about.  I know once I get on my bike more I should feel more conformable. Looking at the run timing splits from last year the times range from 36:16 to 1:26:27.  My goal today is just to finish it to see where I stand time wise.  I am guessing from my 5 mile run which took me over an hour to do, 1 hour and 20 minutes but we will see later today.   I will post an update to this section after I have finish my run tonight.  Thank you for reading.



The weather did not warm up to 50 today.. when I went out at 2ish it was only 38 and when I finish it was 44.  So yea… I did my run and I am happy to do the 10K.  Because I waited longer to do my run, I had to change part of my route.  So I added a bit more in the development next to where I live and in the park close to me.  I have to say some of the trails was amazing but most of it still had lots of snow/ice combo…  It did felt great to run on the trails after hitting up the sidewalks/streets for most of my outdoor runs.  Because of the ice/snow on some parts of my run, I had to walk which slowed my speed down. To a snail speed, but I still finish the 10K in 1:27:33.  So I am happy with that.   If you want me to post the strava information let me know and I will see what I can do.  Thank you for reading!

Here is my video recap for those who do not want to read it.

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