Random Facts

Here is some random facts:

  • In Grad School I gained a lot of weight( as I was not swimming that much (only once a week compare to 5+ times a week) and also was eating more then I should
  • With my first job out of college, I did not excise as much as I was so busy with the job   During my 2nd job I was able to do more workouts more
  • Learn how to swim later as I did not like getting my face in the water
  • I dislike swimming until High School then started to enjoy it
    • Was one of the slowest swimmers on the High School Team and slowly became one of the top distance swimmers
      • Frosh year went from 9 minute 500 free to 6:26 at the end of the season
  • Did Cross Country and Outdoor track in high school to stay in shape
    • knowing I am not a sprinter swimmer or runner, I focus on longer events
      • most meets would be ether one of the following for me 800 Meters(1/2 mile) and 5K or 1600 and 3200
  • Right now I am still getting used to using clipless pedals…    I can ride on the trainer with them easy and do spin class but when it comes outside…  I still have a tough time with my SPD-SL pedals.
  • Only a few of my friends knows about my plans of trying to complete in some events
    • Fewer know about this blog
  • After seeing a few folks I know complete Iron distance tris, I said to myself I know I can do this and here we are today.
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