Staying motivated

I know for myself somedays you just do not feel like doing anything.

springjoke (note I do not live in MI but I figure I used this)

I know I have had those days even on good weather days.  But I still go out and try to do something I need to do to stay fit and train. As everyone has to reach the goals. For example the other day, I wanted to stay inside but I force myself to go out and swim. It was not a long swim but I did swim a mile if you add up all the yards including taking a few breaks of just talking to someone next to me.  But at least I got out and did what I wanted to do.  I even did the other 3 strokes which I haven’t done in a while (over a year).

I do this as I have my goals in my head as I know hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.  Thank you for reading and if you want to add anything feel free to add it. You can comment down below. As I am going to do work and try to be a better person.

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