April 12 things to do

Today it is great outside!  So much so that I am going to do a long run today outside.  If I had my road bike I would also ride but since the shop didn’t call me yet or leave me a message. I will be without it. So I will run in a few minutes and then swim later this afternoon.  That is the plan for today.  I also want to add today is also time to add my 3rd pair of shoes into my inventory of what I be using for training and running.  These will be for road and the other pair I was using is for trails.  I also have another pair that I used so far for treadmill and also when used when visiting family in FL.  So can’t wait for the jog today.  time to get some more water and then I am off.



I finish my run and did a 10K run in total.  I was only planning on a smaller runner but it was so nice out. So I just ran 10K and beat my previous best time by 8 seconds. So that is a plus.  On the minus side the new shoes was okay, a few hot spots which I am not happy with.  More so then with my trail shoes. After the run, I notice two blisters, one on each foot and not at the normal spots as well.  I will use the shoes few more times before I decide what to do with them.

Afterwards I notice that the bike shop called and said my bike was ready.  So I rush there without taking a shower.  I am happy to have my bike back and now I am going to be logging in some miles on the road!!!

After church last night, I went for a swim. It was great as no one was in the pool besides one person who left around my 200 yards mark. I just had too much in my head and lost track of how much I swim twice. Lucky for my garmin swim that kept track for me.  So I only swim a mile. I was hoping to do more but oh well…  Thanks for reading.

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