Goal for Dirt Cheap April

Okay now it is great weather outside I figure I signed up for Fleet Feet Dirt Cheap Trail Series Race #1….  It is a 5 mile trail race. Here is some information about the course, last year the race had 300+ folks who ran it. Knowing my running slowness I mean speed, I can guess I be at the button 2/3 of the runners.  I am okay with that.

So my two goals are the following:

  • Goal one: Finish the race  after all it is my first 5 mile trail race ever
  • Goal two: Have fun
  • Goal three: my time will be 1 hour and 5 minutes (13 minute mile speed)

I never been to the park where the race will be at but it should be a good time.  Also looking at Wednesday weather the high will be 40 degree F.  Perfect running weather for me as it will not be as hot as yesterday jog.

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One comment on “Goal for Dirt Cheap April
  1. […] So I drove to the event and was able to find an okay packing spot, which made me happy. As I was worried with 300+ folks in the race. Because the fields was so big they start off with 3 waves, Men 44 and under, Women 44 and under, and coed 45+. I did a little warm up but went inside the car to stay warm as it wasn’t that warm. I was wearing my black shorts, black t shirt, darn tough socks, my new balance trail shoes, and my Voler thermal jacket of Team BBC. Even thou its not a biking event or a multi sport event. A reminder goals from my goals for this race are the following: […]


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