Dirt Cheap April 16

I am not going to lie, I am starting writing this before the race even happens.  I did my research about the course last night and earlier today. I see a few hills which will be a tough to run up.  After I got my race number (502) and the special water bottle ready. As the Dirt Cheap Series is going cup free.  I also got  my garmin ready for the fun tonight.   I put two polar waterbottles in the freezer to stay cool so I will have some cool water on the way home for one bottle. The other bottle will be before the race.

So I drove to the event and was able to find an okay packing spot, which made me happy. As I was worried with 300+ folks in the race. Because the fields was so big they start off with 3 waves, Men 44 and under, Women 44 and under, and coed 45+. I did a little warm up but went inside the car to stay warm as it wasn’t that warm. I was wearing my black shorts, black t shirt, darn tough socks, my new balance trail shoes, and my Voler thermal jacket of Team BBC. Even thou its not a biking event or a multi sport event. A reminder goals from my goals for this race are the following:

  • Goal one: Finish the race  after all it is my first 5 mile trail race ever
  • Goal two: Have fun
  • Goal three: my time will be 1 hour and 5 minutes (13 minute mile speed)

I started off towards end of the pack as I know my pace will be a slower speed then most folks.  It started and I just jog at a resonable speed for me to finish.  I only had the hydro cup thing and not knowing how many water stations. This was a mistake, I needed a bigger bottle as only one watering station around 2 miles in.  Somewhat between the first mile and second, my left foot hit some roots and I went down. I think I sprained it but I got up and continue to jog even thou I was in a little bit of pain (I am feeling it now as I am typing this the AM after the race). Some of the hills was steep both for running up and down. One of the hills going down was all leafs on the ground. I took my time going down this hill as I did not want to fall again. Shocking I did not eat anything during this run as well. I think I would have had a gel or what not. Maybe because of lack of water during the race is why I didn’t grab one as I had 4 on my belt. Looking back at it, I might have miss a turn but still somehow manage to stay on course. Also looking at Strava, I am 7th on a segment towards the end of the race which I do not know how that is possible but I will take it. At the end was a big staircase which you have to run up to finish. This made it tough but I am glad I finish.  After the race, I had a banana and a hot dog with some more water and drove home. Talked to a few folks but I did not know many folks there, as it seemed most of them know themselves.

Overall time was 1:13:11 which placed me 268 out of 307. I am happy that I finished. If you take away the lack of water and my ankle overall I had fun. I did not meet the time goal but hey it happens.   I made 2 o the 3 goals so I am happy with that. Would I do this race again and the answer is possibly.  Time to relax today and try to heal! Also this will effect my 5K on Saturday with my sister.

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