Week of May 15 update

So far this week, I been able to ride my bike twice and swim.  Here is my video update

For bike rides, the first day I did not think I was going to do more then 5 miles so I did not have a heart rate monitor on.  I did a quick loop of the area and then did a bigger loop and came back. Here is some of the stats from that ride:

  • 9.1mi
  • 38:21
  • 292ft
  • 115W
  • 264kJ
Avg Max
Speed 14.2mi/h 23.7mi/h
Elapsed Time 40:12

For the 2nd ride, I went out knowing I be exploring a new section of roads for the bike by the house.  I was able to catch a few good rollers and a few areas which are flat.

  • 9.5mi
  • 40:15
  • 246ft
  • 105W
  • 255kJ
Avg Max
Speed 14.2mi/h 26.2mi/h
Elapsed Time 40:57

Also I used sneakers both days with my ankle bracelet just to be safe.  I also got a second water bottle cage for my bike that I will be switching between my road bike and mountain bike.

Yesterday I went for a swim to see how my ankle would heal do. I did a flip turn and did not feel much pain so I just kept doing them. I really enjoy being able to swim again. I swim for a bike and then stop to get some water. Looked at my garmin swim and saw I did half mile. I was pretty happy. Here is my stats from that. I was going at warm up peace and did not pick up much speed. As I did not kick as much as I am still babying my ankle.

  • 1,650yds
  • 31:50
  • 1:55/100yds
Elapsed Time
Thanks for reading and have a great day!
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