June 23 update

So it is 61 days to the Cornwall tri and 54 to the 2 mile swim. Today I renewed my swim membership as I needed to.  I swim a book workout with my sister. I did the longer distance one which took me 3,000 yards and completed it in 57 minutes.  I am getting into my swimming mode and I think I be okay to handle both swims.  Also I got some prices for wet suits and I know where I be going for renting it out.

Today after swimming, I took to the track and did a short workout with my sister (in the 80 degree sunny day).  If I had my choice I would have waited to later in the day or earlier when it is cooler.  I did ran about half the time and walk the other half.  The track is covered with bird oh oh from the ducks that are.  The inside lane of the track is getting warn down but that is expected. The track itself is a solid one and I be doing more workouts there in the feature.

The biking was alright this week. Minus my powerlink (master link to the chain) snapping off and I having to go to 2 bike shops to get a replacement.  Now I have to make sure I installed it correctly. As I had to remove my chain completely off for when I put it on the bike rack.  I look forward to the it being back and me being able to log some miles again.  I was going to do a MT Bike race tomorrow but with the forecast being rain I said no thanks. Since I do not know the trails too well and I am not a MT biker. It should be a good time and hopefully I do well when I do race it.

Well that is it for now.  Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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