Coaches that have inspire me / improvement

So far I have had many coaches from all the sports I have played as a child to when I was in college. From my club coaches I had to high school coaches, college, and post college coaches. Without coaches I would not have learned/improved/ and become the person that I am today. So thank you to everyone who has helped me improve.

My one year at Brock U in St. Catherine Canada, I swim for Herb for part of the year. Before he had to take a leave because of illness. With his program, I was able to improve in sprinting, mid distance, and distance free.  Also helped swimming doubles and using a long course pool a few days a week. But I gave him credit for being a great coach. He has produce some great swimmers who went on to swim internationally.

Suzie Hoyt my high school swim coach. I learned and improved a lot compare to when I was on the town team. My 500 yard free swim in high school went from 9 minutes something to 6 minutes and 26 seconds at the end of the year. I learned a lot as she was my first coach I had, that did not change after a few seasons (unlike my town team). Her workouts helped everyone who worked hard in them excel to becoming a solid swimmer.

Mr. Carl Peterson my high school outdoor track/cross country coach. He was also my math teacher for sophomore year (grade 10) of high school. He was a teacher for forty years. He had some fun workouts.  Him and Coach Collins (distance coach during outdoor season) made me improve as a runner and I started to enjoy running then. Carl Peterson, used to bike as you run and say some corny jokes.  But I enjoyed them and his workouts helped me a lot. As Coach Peterson use to say you don’t play Cross Country.

Right now, one of my favorite coach is Dave Chevalier.  I only had him for a few or so seasons but I improved so much under his coaching. After SUNY Plattsburgh cut its swim program the year I transfer. I joined the LC Waves. The team that he volunteer coach and did an amazing job for the what kind of budget/team size. Compare to some of the bigger teams Dave produced some great swimmers. He took pride when his swimmers did well and even if they did not take well it bug him. Before one meet, he change one minor thing for my start and boom dropped a few seconds in a 50. He was so into swimming, he invited anyone on the team go to his house. And use his endless pool and we work on swim drills/tech. I really enjoy it and it paid off. I still talk to him now and again about life and swimming.

one of my fav coaches

Dave from one of his last practices

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