Cornwall Tri Goals 2014

The Cornwall Tri is this weekend and I am getting pumped and nervous for it to be honest. Looking forward to wearing the Team BBC Volver Top during the bike and run part. As I mention before or I think I mention before, I am doing the Olympic distance and my sister is going to do the Sprint distance. As I am writing the goals out, I have a few things I still want to do before my travel up for the tri.  Like if I should wear a full sleeve wet suit or sleeveless or no wetsuit. Which shoes will I be using. Reread the Adult Event Information Guide and so much more. So before I do my goals which will be in two sections (realistic and reach). Am I ready for this tri?  Kind of, some days I think I will do well and other days I am not really sure.  I have not done a Sprint Tri in a long time. I went big or went home when I sign up for this course.  I have a few goals which are to have fun (1) and (2) stay injury free. Now lets go with the goals for each section of the race.

Swim 1500 Meters

This is the first time I will be swimming in open water with everyone so close by.  This is also the first time of me using a wet suit which will help me. Looking back at my pool data, I can swim a mile under 30 minutes but that is dealing with walls (flip turns = speed and power off walls). Also I be doing 2 loops of swim course with a deep end start (so treading water before the bell goes off to start). Right now the plan I am going to try to be on the side at first and work my way around for the swim. We see what happens. So my goals are realistic 40 minutes and reach 30 minutes.


First time doing a real tri with bike racks. The other tri was indoors or did not have a bike rack.  So these times are just guesstimates. Also first time having wet suit strippers too. I will also grab a gel and maybe some sport beans with a bottle of water I have planned. So we see what happens goals are realistic 10 minutes and reach 3 minutes.

Bike 40 KM

This course is pretty flat with a few mini climbs. It is a nice 10K loop that is mostly closed to traffic. I did preview it with my sister and got a game plan on when I will be crushing it and when I be drinking water and eating. As there is no water stations. I did a test ride of around 29 miles to get an estimate of how long it will take me. With a bigger climbs, stop signs, waiting to turn left took me around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Also if the road is same shape as when I did the pre ride with my sister it be a nice smooth road.  My goals for the bike is realistic 1 hour 35 and reach 1 hour 10 minutes.


Drop the bike off and grab something to eat and start running. Realistic 5 minutes and reach 3 minutes.

Run 10KM

The run course is on a path from along the river. So there is ups and downs of the course for 2/3 of the course. Then I will be running to Grey’s Creek Conservation and run back to the school. There is four different aid stations during the run course with myself being able to hit up a few of them twice. My best time for a 10K is 1 hour and 20 minutes which was back in April. That is without aid stations and me doing swimming and biking before. Saying that my goals are realistic 1 hour 30 minutes and reach 1 hour. For laughs the Garmin Fenix2 says my 10K time be 54 minutes that only having 3 runs on it so far.

Thank you for the read and looking forward to doing the race this weekend.

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