Cornwall Tri 2014

After looking at a few other blogs. I figure I will add to this section at the end. I was hoping to do this sooner but had to catch up on a few items when I got back from the trip. Also had to research a few things too as an interview came up. Overall it was a great learning experience doing the Olympic distance. Lets break it down by each of the three sports (swim, bike, and run) for the goals that was posted before the the trip up North. All images was posted I am using I got for free as part of being in the tri (hence why I love supporting local races) and of my family took.

Swim 1500 Meters

I picked up the rental suit with my sister and drove up with 3 days before the race and pick up some of packet items. Two days before, the race I tested out the wetsuit for the first time. I went with a sleeveless wet suit the water temps. It rained on the way up so I know the water temp was a bit cooler then what it will be on race day.  After splashing around and getting use to how it feels.  I went back and relaxed and let the suit dry off before the tri. 

getting used to the water

getting used to the water (warmer then Friday swim)

On Sunday race day, I got to the race early and set up my transition area. Had no trouble finding the bike rack spot for me as it was 2nd to the right row towards the back near the bike exit and run exit. I put on my wet suit on and jump in the water and did a small swim to warm up and see how the suit is fitting. The suit was a bit long so I had to roll up a bit of the legs.

Can you spot me?

Can you spot me? Look at the right side.

Start of the race

Start of the race

When it was time to line up for the deep water start. I lined up on the outside portion but on the front. I started and I was holding a happy pace with my arms and a very little kicking. The whole time I was on the outside portion of the course. I ended up doing a bit more distance because of this. After the first lap I started to feel more warm up. During the first section of the first lap one leg roll of the wetsuit came undone. I figured the second third of the lap I kicked it up a notch. I finished the swim with T1 included 44th overall out of 127 that showed up at the event.  Seventeen did not show up and one did not finish.  The time for the swim including T1 was 30:38.  When I got out of the water it was around 26 minutes. Blasting away both my reach (30 minutes) and realistic goals (40 minutes). So I am pretty happy about that.

Swim done, now onto the bike part

Swim done, now onto the bike part

First Transition or T1

After the swim there a walk up a padded mats (covering rocks) up a hill then was a 200 meter run to T1 on a grassy field. On this run the wet suit strippers. I had most of my suit off by the time I hit up the strippers. There was no true T1 timing so but if you take 30:38 and subtract 26 minutes. You get roughly 4 minutes which is faster then my realistic goal of 10 minutes and just short of my reach goal of 3 minutes. I am happy with that as I walked a bit to try to get my heart rate down before jumping on the bike.

Bike 40 Kilometers (4 loops of 10K each)

Now onto the bike portion The day before the tri I took out my bike and made sure it was smooth shifting and got the proper air pressure on both tires. Also put in enough air pressure on my sister bike as well. When I did the course preview with my sister. I had an idea where on the laps I wanted to eat/drink. I do not have the Virb on the bike so no video. There was even one section where your speed was posted too bad it was KPH. Lucky for me in a way I kept my Garmin Edge on the bike so I can use it.

IMG_2564For this portion I just tried to keep my pace even. Looking at the data, my average speeds was the following 16.9 MPH, 17.0 MPH, 16.2 MPH, and 16.8MPH. Overall I am happy with times for each lap. I did not try to gun it but keep it steady. For the mini climbs just try to keep my cadence at a good rate.

2nd Lap fastest... opps

2nd Lap fastest and 3rd lap slowest opps

I think the bike portion also included part of T2 with it.  My time was 01:30:25, which was inside my realistic goal of 1 hour and 35 minutes.  But not close enough to my reach goal of 1 hour and 10 minutes. I think I can improve on this more.

Second Transition or T2

There is no time on the webpage that has the results. So no idea if I was within my 5 minute realistic goal or 3 minutes reach goal.

on the way to the run

on the way to the run

Run 10KM

I got out of the transition area and started to jog.  I had to slow down as my right leg was in a bit pain. Sadly I ended up walking around 4KM. Then jogged the last 6. The aid stations was helpful but there was one section which did not have much shade so I was hot. The course was on a river trail that is paved. It goes with the river so lots of ups and downs. The day before I biked part of the path I be running on at Grey’s Creek Conservation area, to see the turn around. My time was 1:31:01 for the run part which was just outside my realistic of 1 hour and 30 minutes and way outside my reach goal of 1 hour.

made it

made it

I also had two other goals have fun (1) and (2) stay injury free. I had fun and enjoy the race. I will do it again next year for sure. For the injury free, i did hurt my leg (still do not know how) but it is better now. So I am okay with it. I also was surprise that I did not see my sister on the bike or run part of the course as the start times of our events was different.

Now onto the new sections (what I learned, things I can improve on, and what I did well).

What I have learned:

  • I do not need to take as much food/drinks as I planned on (better then not having enough)
  • Sometimes it might be better to get more contact in swimming if it means less distance.

Things I could improve on:

  • Faster transitions (I took my time so I know I could go faster. I know i will get it better the more I do it)
  • One thing is make sure i hit the right button on my watch.  As I did not hit it and it was all under swim data opps.  Speaking of which here map of the whole tri from Fenix2 data
Map of Whole tri

Map of Whole tri

What I did well:

  • Keeping up the speed and not trying to over do it. As this is a big difference from the smaller races I have done.
  • Enjoying the course the whole time while staying focus (no day dreaming)

That is it, thank you for reading and have a great day.

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