new watch brakes

I was not planning on writing about this but it happened.  I was helping my neighbors on Labor Day and I looked and saw my watch was broken.  As the watch fell off. The band is fine but the two plastic pieces connecting the band to the watch broke.

I still do not understand how it broke like this. I have put in a ticket with them and hope for a fix soon. I am not happy about it.


The watch is back at Garmin..  I am getting a replacement.  Hopefully I get it soon.


I got the replacement watch and they just ship me everything. So now I got 2 of everything (minus HRM monitor).  Not too bad and I am happy to get it.  I will be running later today to try to get into running shape.

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One comment on “new watch brakes
  1. […] my first Fenix2 was great but just the wrist band connecting to the watch head broke. As mention in this post. I got that replaced.  The 2nd one died as it just would not hold power so I got it replaced.  […]


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