Last Full Week of Oct update

So this week I did not get as much I wanted to do.  I got a few more full time job leads and also picked up a few extra hours of sub teaching for one instructor.

Saturday 18th did not  workout was too tired from working race

Sunday the 19th, I worked a race but still went out and swim .87 miles Garmin Connect.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday did not go out and do what I wanted to do sadly.

Friday the 24th, I made up for it by doing a bike ride  and swim another .87 miles swim

Saturday 26th  did not workout as I was too tired  and same thing for Today (Oct 26).


I got to talk bikes today at the cycleccross race which got me into more into biking.  I been looking at indoor trainers recently for my bike.  I have a few in my mind I want to look at and see what happens.  So I can do sufferfest and enjoy it.  Also saw one guy who I might want to make me a set of wheels that I will love.  As I need to replace the ones I have on my bike soon.


Next week I will try to be better with more workouts. Even with a chance of snow I still want to ride outside. Thank you for reading and happy training to become a better you!

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