First Full Week of Nov Training Update

Another week and I am starting to increase my mileage which is a great thing.

Monday 3rd took it easy and did not do much. Also did not help when I was subbing in the middle of the day.

Tuesday the 4th, it was pretty warmed and sunny so I took it and biked for 19 miles. I did not eat as much calories as I figured I be doing a short ride but it was too nice.  Needless to say I was feeling it towards the end.

Wednesday and Thursday was not able to go out and do what I wanted to.  Ugh..  I guess

Friday the 7th I was able to swim I forgot the workout that I did.  It looks like I 1200 yards non stop and then 200 free and then a 50. So at least I got the yards in.  I think it was just to get in and swim so I do not loss that much of my swimming.

Saturday I worked from 6 am to 3 pm so I did not do anything. As I was pretty beat.

Sunday the 9th I swim and my bike team in Maryland had the Schooley Mill Cross. I really wish I was down there to help out.  Maybe next year as it be a good time. Interesting fact the watch split up two of my 25’s into 50s.  Once when I was swimming a one arm butterfly so I do not hit my sister while passing here. Other time not sure why it it did it.  My last two 100’s I swim the 25’s easy, hard, hard, easy, and then hard, easy, easy, hard.  I was happy with times towards the end.

I also saw one bike shop doing indoor training sessions. I asked to be on the list as biking with friends beats biking alone. Also maybe I meet more people.  I still do not have my own trainer but I be interested in one soon.  Well that is it for now. I hope everyone training is going well.  Thank yo for reading!

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