Week of Nov 10 to Nov 16 Training update

Hello again this is my weekly report. I started working on this after each day activity so I do not forget. As I am finishing it up and looking outside. I wish the weather was as it was on Tuesday.

On Monday the 10 of Nov I ran around the street. Looking at the data I drop another 31 seconds off the loop of my street. I was pretty happy to do this while keeping the same average Heart Rate. It felt good to be able to slowly catch up to what I was in high school running wise.

Tuesday biked around 24 miles. This ride I did not go for speed but went for distance and explore. I am/was hoping to get another outdoor ride to go for distance when I plan on just going out. I also wanted to look at another bike course that folks use around me. It is a bit longer then the other loop I normally do.  But still a good one.  I will use this more if I am in the area again.

Wednesday the 12 I swim 1,000 yards after an interview. I was going to swim longer but I had to leave later to swim because of laundry.

Thursday I swim 2,000 yards before coming back home to finish errands.

Friday I took off for a career fair and I also tutored one of my students.

Saturday in the AM I ran in a warm 34-35 degrees out. I was in shorts and a t-shirt.  It was not bad for part of it but a few sections when the wind picked up I got a bit cold. Looking at the data it also effected my speed but it was nice to run. If it was a bit warmer, I would have ran a bit longer but I figured better be safe. And try to build up distance. I also picked up my Cycleops Fluid² Trainer. I was going to swim too but plans got change because I was going to have company over.

On Sunday the 16 I swim with my sister. I was going to do a T-300 test to see my 300 time tests. Unfortunately I miscounted a few times and then figured I do the test later. I still swim over a mile so I am happy with that. Looking at my swimming data I am noticing that I am improving. This will be another post later this week once I have some more time. Also I felt great for a few sprints that I did.

As  I am finishing up writing this up it is snowing outside. I am currently proctoring a quiz for Intro to Criminal Justice and other classes of that nature. I am really looking at Cycleops virtual trainer or TrainerRoad. To go along with my Sufferfest Videos. Well thank you for reading and have a great day.

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