a few ideas for 2015

I have a few ideas that I will be doing for next year.  One have a running total of how much distance I have done for each sport.  I know I can backtrack and do it now but I think with a new year it be easier. I will post it on the blog somewhere. Still need to play with how this page is organized or with the pages.

Another idea is put into more details of my workouts.  If any goals before or what I was trying to do.  I have started doing it now but I am going to try to do it. As part of this blog I be keeping track of what works and what does not work. As not everything will work for everyone so we see what happens.

There is a few more ideas too but not sure when or how I will put them into this site.  I know I will try to use more youtube videos too but only time will tell. Thank you for reading my blog and happy training!

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