First week of Dec update

A new month and was able to start it off right, as the pool was open today. Monday December 1st with a mile swim. I was not able to go to around noon time so the lunch crowd was still there. The pool was busy and I had to switch lanes once. Also let a guy into my lane for a bit as well. For the first swim in a week, I was happy with how much distance I was able to do. I know a few swimming practices I be doing this week.

Tuesday December 2nd I had an interview and worked so no workout.  I am planning on doing a double.  Also I will put on my trainer tire tomorrow so it be only indoor season for me from now on sadly for my Jamis bike.

Wednesday the 3rd of December, I got my tire changed to my old Gatorskin for my bike. And signed up for trainer road.  Then I did the 8 minute FTP test. I forgot to hit virtual power on the devices before I did the ride. Urgh so I do not know my power which is too bad. I was sweating it up for sure.

Thursday December 4th I swim around lunch time. I did a mile and got out. I did not have anything planned.  I was thinking of doing a long nonstop swim but that changed. So I took two breaks first one was longer as I wanted to drink a lot of water and the second break was to just to see the distance. I am happy with this swim. Then later I biked with my sister for 15 minutes before she went to work. I pushed it hard for part of it but just try to keep my legs moving.  I did not wear a heart rate monitor as it was a quick spin or bike shorts.

Friday I did a Sufferfest bike video with my sister Half Easy. I notice the RPMs and my wats goal did not match so I figure I needed to retest with virtual power. It was a good workout and I think my sister first full video of Sufferfest. It was a good painful workout.  I should have went harder at my sprints.  Also afterwards I learned I do not need to use my Edge 810 as I can just download from the site the .tcx file to Garmin Connect/Strava/MapmyRide.  That way the power data is on there. You can see in my data there is a gap of time because my chain fell off, which was shocking but I still finish the set.  I was just moving from big chain to small or small to big for when it came to sprints or easy parts.

Saturday took the day off after reading I should take an easy day before redoing a FTP test for my bike. I also started to plan what races I want to do well created a list of running races. With one of my coworkers from my part time job. As he is a runner and maybe down the road I can hit up a Marathon.

I woke up and started to create a calender of prospective races I want to do next year. That is how I spent my Sunday… well that with my 20 minute FTP bike test and a swim afterwards. Needless to say my legs fell tired but it is a good way.  It was not a true brick as I did a break between the two. For the bike ride my average RPMs is a lot faster with the videos then in real life. Then again, I do coast down hills and on flats. I was happy to get a real FTP and now I can build from it.  For the swim it was a good swim. I did not have a set goal till I asked how long to be in the pool. So I figure go around a mile. Well I lost track so I figured I break it down. I did a 50 and it was pretty fast since I did not use the blocks and was wearing a regular swim suit ontop of my jammer.

This week was my best week of training so far. I did not run at all but I was focusing on a few other items instead. Also I will update my races once I sign up.  As most of my races depends on my work situation. Thank you and have a great day.

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