Rest of Noveber Training update

So this week I did not do as much as I wanted.  Because of weather which is a bummer but I still got some training in. Also I figured with the holiday I will use two weeks into one report. Also the lack of workouts too made this an easy choice too.

Monday the 17  I did not do any training as I subbed for the whole day and had an interview.

Tuesday 18 did not do anything training wise again.

Wednesday 19 swim was able to do a quick half mile swim. I was hoping to do more but laundry and timing was just not right. But it beats doing nothing after past few days.

Thursday 20 did not do any training again.

Friday 21 did not do any training again.

Saturday 22 did not do any training again.

Sunday 23 run before breakfast and work. I took it easy and only ran 2.32 miles.  I slowly went for more distance then what I been doing.  My goal is to be able to get more distance outside before I do treadmill runs.

Monday 24 was a nice double day with a bike ride in the mourning and swim in the evening. The bike ride I know was going to be one of my last outside and it was still wet outside. But with it being wet I know the salt was not on the roads anymore.  I tried to hit up a few spots for speed but it was good.  Also doing part of my ride, my foot got slipped and knock the cadence magnet down so I lost my cadence readings towards the end. I enjoyed my ride and it was nice to ride the 11.58 miles even thou I did not do as much as I was hoping for.  I still was outside for almost 50 minutes.  In the evening I went for a swim with my sister. The neighbor kids was there. I got to watch them swim and they watch me swim… needless to say I did not swim as much as I wanted to without stopping. I still manage to swim 1350 yards in total. So I was happy with that. Including a few quick sprints with me going at a good speed.

Tuesday 25  worked all day

Wednesday 26 worked

Thursday 27 worked outside and it snowed…  So lots of salt on the road not a fan of that for my baby bike.

Friday 28 did not do anything sadly.

Saturday 29 did not train as helped the neighbor with the holiday lights.

Sunday 30 I ran outside around my street for a quick mile plus and walked back home.  I did get my second fastest time on my street so I was happy for that and my average pace was good too.  About 30 seconds faster then my virtual partner setting so I was happy with that.

If the weather is nicer I will try to go outside more.  The bike will have its trainer tire on and that be the end of it. Also I got the last videos of Sufferfest that I did not own. That was the three running videos and two biking videos (Rookie and Elements of Biking).  Looking forward to them.  Well thank you for reading my blog post and have a great night.

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