2nd Week of December 2014

As I am writing this blog update I know I will be hitting a special milestone with my bike.  That will be my next post. As right now I will be doing a lot more biking.

Monday was a rest day.

On Tuesday the 9th, I biked using Sufferfest The Rookie. It was one of the newest videos and I really enjoyed it.  With the first training video with on board camera for the bike races was pretty cool. It felt good and I was able to crush and hit most of my goals with TrainerRoad.

Wednesday  I biked another Sufferfest video called Local Hero. This video was longer then my normal rides but it felt great to do the ride that long.  Minus my rear getting soar but I got pretty close to 40KM a little bit faster then my personal 40KM record.

Thursday was a rest day.

On Friday I rode with my sister and did Revolver. I have to say i will do this video again as i was not happy with it.  will have to redo it again as I was not happy with it.  I did not plan accordingly for this ride. Also TrainerRoad also froze up during the middle of the ride.  I was not happy for that.

Saturday post church swim with my sister. She was not happy for the time and also being sore from work and workout before.  I figure best use of gas and I enjoyed it.  It was not that busy and was able to get the distance I wanted. I kept my laps times pretty constant. Also I hit a goal of no 28 second laps.  For those who was wondering why so slow, it is because I wear a regular swim suit on top of my practice jammer. I got my mile in and stop.

Sunday rode Sufferfest the Wretched. I am pretty happy with that as my average speed was 17 miles per hour.  I normally do not pay attention to my speed as I do not even have it on my Edge810 when I used it on the trainer.  With TrainerRoad I stopped using my Edge 810 and just use TrainerRoad itself. As I am training with “power” this off season. This will help me get better speed in the long run.

Well that is it.  I think next update training post will be towards end of Dec or beg of Jan. As with the Holidays I will not be doing as much workouts or training.  Instead enjoy being with my family and playing the waiting game to hear about my two interviews I am waiting on.  Hopefully I hear back soon.  Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day.

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