1,000 Miles on the Jamis Xenith

First off I wanted to say the week in review will be posted later this week. Now onto my Jamis Xenith Sle. I paid for my bike on Feb 27, 2013 as I just looked it up on my book.  Here is some pictures of the bike that was getting shipped to me. I know it does not come with stock parts as the fully loaded model but I can always upgrade my groupset down the road.

pictures of the seller

pictures of the seller

featurebike2 featurebike3 featurebike4However I was not able to ride it because of damage when getting shipped to me and also traveling for work.

featurebike5 photo_1 photo_2 photo_3 photo_4 photo_5I was able to get it fixed at Predator Cycling based in Cali after getting quotes.  The seller of the bike agreed to pay half of the cost but still cost me money and time off my bike. I do not have pictures of my bike fixed on my computer right now.

I think it was around May when I got my bike and started to ride again.  When I was living in Maryland as I got service at Baltimore Bike Works aka BBW. At the bike fit, I change my stem and seatpost to fit me better for then my current riding style.  So far I only so far have replace 1 chain ring, tires, 1 cassette, 2 chains, and too many (4) powerlinks connecting my chain that snap off doing rides.  Now I am living in Western, NY and I use Freewheelers shop in Rochester, NY.  I might get a refit down the road as with myself losing weight I might be changing my riding style. I have spoiled my bike with 3 turn ups since I got my bike and I will get another one in a few months. Also a few other parts to be replace or fixed (bearings and wheels) right now.

I also road my bike without keeping track of the miles or how far I road.  It was not that many as I was just getting my riding legs on. Since I been keeping track of my bike miles aka joined Strava/trainingpeaks and used a bike gps.  This past week I  hit 1,000 miles on my Jamis Xenith SLE. I have had some great times with my bike so far as well as some low points. But hey that is biking.

myself on the bike during the Cornwall Tri last Aug

myself on the bike during the Cornwall Tri last Aug

Here to many more miles with my Jamis as I truely love her as she treats me right.

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