Rest of December 2014 and Beg of Jan 2015

I have started writing this post on Sunday December 21. Past few bike rides, I noticed my tire going down on rides.  So I know I have a leak. I will have to get this fixed for longer rides.  Short ones it loses some but if I am riding for over 40 minutes I can feel it.

On Monday the 15th I took the day off to focus on getting my final ready for my class.

December 16 I biked on the trainer and did Sufferfest There is No Try. A very good 55 minute workout that got me going. This was one of the first Sufferfest videos I completed when I got back into riding.  Needless to say it is a great to see how I have improved from how I felt in different parts of the video.

On Wednesday I took the day off and graded papers/tests.

Thursday December 18 I redid TrainerRoad : Sufferfest Revolver on the bike. This time I am happier with the results. Looking at the charts comparing Heart Rate with Power it was pretty neat to see. I gave it my all and did better then last time I did this video so I am happy.

On Friday December 19 I did my second to last swim of 2014. I was hoping to get in another one but at least my last swim was a mile. I notice my strokes per minute is not what it used to be when I was swimming almost everyday. According to the watch I am doing 27 strokes per minute. As my technique changed and I am not sure what to think of it. I know it is different. I will have to use my Garmin Virb and look at it.  I know I am not kicking hard off the walls but that will happen again. As most of the swimming I am training for there is no wall to push off from. I thinking more open water swimming will help.

On Saturday the twentieth I did Sufferfest newest video Nine Hammers on the bike. Looking at the power I did nine hammers correctly.  I just wish the power was up more. Each hammer was either a VO2 and Threshold Intervals between three minutes and four and a half minutes long each.  I can tell you each one was painful even thou your not maxing each one out. But working on increasing each hammer. I notice some of the hammers was harder then others but i know with time I will improve on each hammer.

On Sunday I ran 4.8 miles. I only planned on doing a 5K at first. Towards the end of what I planned I felt good and added a loop. This loop I was able to drop more time in it and I am happy. Also I noticed my pace increase doing this extra loop. I am a slow runner but I am happy with just going at an alright pace the whole run. If I can get close to where I was towards the end of high school I be happy. I am slowly going to increase the pace on my virtual training partner soon to my running watch.

On Monday December 22 I did my last swim of 2014.  This swim was not as good as I was hoping for but I was still able to swim. As a little bit of something is better then a lot of nothing. Also knowing that the pool I swim at will not be open to Janaray 5th.

From Dece 23 to Dec 30 I was away with my family. For the holidays I got some new Defeet Socks, a Bellwether Clothing bike Jersey, TYR Jammer, 1 regular swim suit, and cash. Also getting a few other items with the cash towards tri items. But i did completed two runs one on Dec 26 and other on Dec 29. Both runs was a little over a mile each. I know I was slower on the second run.  It was 19 on that run and I was enjoying the holiday goodies during this time.  I am happy as my VO2 max went up on my Garmin Fenix 2 after both of these runs.

New Years Eve I just relaxed and was tired. I went to bed before the ball dropped but was up a few times. I did added two years to my Team BBC membership. So now I am with the team until April 2017. I also signed up for the Cornwall Multisport Club too so I can do some open water swims and other events with them. I am looking forward to this when I get up there this summer.  I posted the Strava video of my rides and runs. Too bad it did not include my swims too but I am okay with that as its hard to use it for some events.

January 1st did not do anything. I had plans of running or biking but I just wanted to watch hockey instead.

Friday Jan 2nd I did not do any workouts. Instead I looked at the renew (US Master Swimming), or joined (US Cycling, US Tri, an area club where I live now). Also I signed up for Tour of Sufferlandria. This is my second time doing the tour, last year was my first time. I really enjoyed it minus one stage I just hit the wall but it happens.

Saturday am I ran before the freezing rain/sleet/snow came. My gloves kept hitting the pause button on the watch grr. So I mist have miss some distance and other data. Some of the sidewalks was not even plowed or was icey for the route I was on sidewalks. For a few parts of the streets I had to go onto the middle but at least I gout and did a nice small distance.

I woke up Sunday and it was 56 degrees and looked at the weather and saw how it was going to drop in temps. So I went for a run, Ended up with 10K my first one of the year and my fastest one yet. At the begining I only planned a 5K but around mile 4 I figured might as well go for the extra distance.  Only thing i wasn’t happy with was my VO2 max went down to 40 from 41. Also towards the middle/end of my run it just downpour on me but I enjoyed it. As I just kept going and was able to run well jog at the point.  Latter after getting my power back on as it was pretty windy. I biked the updated Sufferfest video of Angels.  i enjoy the workout like it was the same as the old one but with updated footage and graphics. During the ride I had to stop 2 times to reinflate my tire thou doh. I swear I will get a new tube or patch the leak before the Tour I promise.  Also my heart rate monitor was not working. After the ride, I adjusted it to fit tighter around me and hopefully that will solve it. If not always new battery time. For the ride I was happy with my watts as my legs was not as bad as I figure from the run.

Thank you for reading my blog and hope 2015 is going great.

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4 comments on “Rest of December 2014 and Beg of Jan 2015
  1. fit4365 says:

    That is some training 🙂

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  2. Brittany says:

    I love when a run turns into a longer than planned adventure!

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