Jan 5 to Jan 11 update

Hi all, one thing I Have to say it has been a sad thing it is not been a good week training wise for me. This past week, I did one swim and three bike workouts.

On Monday the 5 TrainerRoad did not record my whole Sufferfest the Long Scream ride.  So I did the workout but the program I was using only recorded some of it.  I was not happy to see that as I do not know how much distance I did or what not…  grrrrr. So I only see less then 5 minutes of a 35 minute video.  Oh well move on at least I know I completed my video and time to move on.

January 6 was my first mile swim of 2015. I was not happy to find out my membership was expired when the pool was closed for the holidays. I will renew it next time I go swimming. After that it was hard for me to get focus on swimming. I was not happy but I was able to swim a mile.  Sadly in twenty-eight minutes as I was thinking too much. My next swim I will not have distractions and just focus on my workout or yardage.

I took Wednesday the 7 off. I think it was planned figured I would get one more workout later in the week that did not happen. Looking back I should have done a workout on this day but it happens.

On the 8th I rode my bike and used TrainerRoad for Sufferfes A Very Dark Place. I have to say this did put me into a dark place. It was a great speed workout. On the third or fourth of the five 4 minute intervals it made me dig deep. I know this will help me in my biking and that is why I choose this video.

On Friday after finding out I would not be able to get a workout in on Saturday. I choose to used The Sufferfest Blender and used TrainerRoad to guide me throw it. It is a great interval workout with anything from a twenty seconds to ten minutes. Needless to say it was a great time and lots of sweat was poured out during this workout. I planned accordingly and had three water bottles ready.

On January 10 I did not train at all. I did talked to one of the shops I used about a few items I want with my bike work done. Fixing wheels, button bracket, and maybe new chain. As I had to work at a half marathon all day. I stayed warm and a few of my coworkers was asking me how I am so warm. I just said I do not know.

Sunday the 11th took the day off, to recover for working the day before. I did sign up for Ton of Fun challenge which is a program to help get fit and lose weight.  I figure with my training i be able to lose a few more lbs.  I also talked with Team BBC about tri gear. So I might be able to wear Team BBC jersey and shorts for the whole tri. Also talked about what events counts toward team numbers and what not.

Thank you for reading my blog. I did not train as much as I wanted but still got a lot done.  I know next week already started pretty well. So I am happy with that. Thank you and happy training!

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