Jan 12 to Jan 18 update and little update

Well this is interesting week as I did not do as much as I wanted to do. I did not run or swim this week.  I should have run yesterday when it was 40 degrees.

On Monday 12 I started off my week well with the bike on the trainer for TrainerRoad: The Sufferfest The Hunted. I jumped on for this workout while waiting for laundry. This is one of my favorite workouts. The workout is 6:30 warm-up: :30 attack: 5:00 solo-breakaway tempo riding: 20:00 climb: 4:00 downhill: 5:00 small group:5:00 inverse intervals: a suprise and follow by a 4 minute warmdown. Funny fact my FTP went up by 1 from the 20 minute climb for TrainingPeaks but stayed the same for TrainerRoad. I am was sad to see this video is not on Tour of Sufferlandria. I enjoy the mini attacks and it keeps you on your toes the whole time.  Also love one of the songs in the video that I keep in my head sometimes when doing a hill workout.

Tuesday the 13 was a planned rest day.

On Wesneday I completed another bike workout this time: TrainerRoad: The Sufferfest-ISLAGIATT. This workout is the longest of the videos from The Sufferfest at almost 2 hours.  That is a long time on the saddle. This workout has a few climbs to it of different intervals. This video will be on the last day of the Tour. I am looking forward to seeing how this ride and that ride will compare.

On Thursday the 15 of January I did not do anything workout wise. As I had an interview at a place I would love to work for.

Friday the 16 was my birthday so I did not do anything training wise. Also for my birthday I donated blood. I did went out to eat for one place for my dinner.

I went to Ton of Fun orientation Saturday the 17th. Where I gained weight from the past two days and also the holidays. Then later went out to a great steakhouse. I think I gained weight from all the food I eat then I think it was worth it.

A I am typing this blog post on Monday the 19th.  Looking back I should have really gone for a run on the 18 when it was 40 or 41 degrees in the AM. Today when writing this it is 31 and snow flurries. Also bunch of ice from all the snow melting yesterday.

A few updates as well.  Since I joined Ton of Fun with Fleet Feet Rochester, I decided to joined myfitnesspal website with it. This has been added to my about page for my user name. Also I sync it with Garmin connect and Trainingpeaks websites. So I can see if I eat enough or eat too much or just right.  I am most likely eating too much of the goodies but I am fine with it.

Another update is I found out the dates of three indoor tris. I will most likely just do one of them or two depending on funds. I wish I could do all three but I know that wont happen as I still have to renew my pool membership.

Last major update is I am in process of buying a used PowerTap rear wheel. I was offered this from one teammate so it be interesting. This will be another wheel for me as long as I am looking at getting a new set build up. Also not sure what I be doing with my current set to replace the rims or just let it be.

Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day.

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