Post Tour of Sufferlandria 2015 recapped and catch up on past training

Sorry for the delay its been a busy for weeks and I have not posted much. Well here it is.  Before the tour I completed a few actives and after the tour I just redone my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test. I will post more about that test next post. Also next year I think I will write more a summary after each when it is in my mind fresh.

Pre Tour Actives

I did not complete my weekly update as the Tour Started on January 24th. So here is the training I completed before the Tour. Does not include the walks I did with my sister. A few of the bike rides include Sufferfest Videos that was not on the Tour this year.

On Monday the 19th I biked using TrainerRoad. The Sufferfest Downward Spiral was the video I picked. This video pushes you to its max for the intervals.  According to its web page it is best for “Improving your ability to make repeated, max intensity efforts.” I figured this video would get my legs ready for what is coming up with the Tour.

I took the the 20th off and on the 21st I biked using TrainerRoad and the Sufferfest Hell Hath No Fury. This video is best for handling race situations over long periods of time (20:00 intervals) with a 3 minute kicker at the end. Its funny after this video I got an updated FTP email from TrainingPeaks. I did change my FTP by one on there but not on TrainerRoad.

The 22 was also an off day and the 23 I swim with my new swim suits that I got for the holidays. I only swim 1550 yards in 28 or so minutes.  The new suits was nice but I still like my older suits. I got a new jammer and a new reg suit that I will use as a swim suit. I will keep the new jammer for when I swim meet. The other suit I am not sure of. My swim felt good but still could have been longer. I was thinking about a few things doing the swim.

Tour Rides
Each stage had at least one video with stage eight having 3 and stage one having 2. I figured I write about each stage instead of each video. The Tour ran from January 24 to February 1st and also included a 50 hour window to do each stage on TrainerRoad. I just did a video on the day of the Stage. You can win prizes if you completed the Tour via TrainerRoad and also if you donated to Davis Phinney Foundation ($10 you get 1 chance to win) some great prizes. I know I most likely won’t win anything but still a great cause and also helps keeps me motivated. I also was using TrainerRoad to keep me honest with my functional threshold power (FTP) bike goals for each section. Also I looked at the numbers afterwards but doing the video(s) I looked to make sure I was in the green within the target zones.

Stage one Sufferfest Elements of Style and Sufferfest The Long Scream
The first video was Elements of Style, which it self is not a hard video but gives you plenty of tips on how to be set up correctly when doing the video. I refered to this video for the whole tour.  This was my first time doing the video (I wanted 1 video I have not done before for it). Meeting some of the FTP was interesting as the numbers are low as the video is not that aggressive compare to other Sufferfest videos. The second video made up for it as it is a video that is a high speed that makes you want to scream. Well for me it did if I had enough energy I would have. This video is basically a Time Trial which was great in a way. Looking back at it, I am very happy with my Time Trial even thou I was in pain like a great time trail you should be.

Stage two Sufferfest Blender:
Stage two is the second longest videos in the tour at a hour and forty minutes. Looking at the data, I know my heart rate monitor strap needed to be wash as some parts it was not reading correctly.  It was fixed later in the tour as I am not sure what video I fixed it for. This video is known for Improving your performance for long efforts, which it does and also hurts you in such a great way. I was able to get a new PR too on this ride I think for my 40KM. Also I was surprise I was able to take it up a notch when I did in the middle of set two it looks like, which I am happy about. The rest is a big blur so I am not able to talk about it in detail.

Stage three Sufferfest Fight Club:
Stage three is a video which is design for racing. This was an interesting as this is five, six and a half minute intervals with attacks to keep things interesting. This video always seems longer then it is with all the attacks but the time flies by. There was two attacks, where I was I went for it and I paid for it. This video kept me focus and on remind myself to keep in my mind where to use my matches. That sums it up but it is a great practice for race situations.

Stage four Sufferfest Nine Hammers:
Stage four has nine hammers. Each hammer is VO2 and Threshold interval. This is best for improving performance at your limit. Looking at the speed and heart rate you can see each hammer. This was a pretty intense video and between hammer eight and nine it really takes it up a notch. As the rest was not like after the other hammers and boy I was feeling it. Overall I was happy with the video with my average speed going up.

Stage five Sufferfest Angels:
The Sufferfest greatest selling video and now it has 2 verisons of it. I picked for the Tour to use the older one as it was a bit longer and more intense. I forgot how intense it was at the end but after posting a question on the facebook group. I figured why not. The newer video has better images and also better on screen display but I enjoy both videos just as much. This video is design for handling repeated changes in tempo while climbing. This video has three eight minute climbs that just made me forget how much I love climbing but my legs dislike it. That last one you can see I went for it big and had the most power/speed and a few seconds later you will see my heart rate jump. I will have to do this video again soon.

Stage six Sufferfest Local Hero:
Stage six was Local Hero which is a long video of one hour and twenty-five minutes. It is building the ability to handle anything road racing can throw at you. After this video I did not want to do any road races for a while with all of those attacks. I am glad for TrainerRoad keeping me focus on the targets. With a video this long and so many attacks. I really wanted to make sure I was in the green (targed) zone even thou I just wanted to sit back on a few of the attacks.

Stage seven Sufferfest The Rookie:
The Rookie is the first Sufferfest video wtih onboard the pro peleton. Only thing I have is the video was kind of jumpy with TrainerRoad for part of a one section in the beginning of the video. But after that it is fine. This video is best for sustained speed and handling surges. As it is three, ten minute race simulations which I loved and enjoy. I just wish it was maybe a few more as the onboard camera for this really got me fired up. Maybe that is why my average speed was up a to 17.1 miles per hour, when I normally ride over 16 miles per hour. This video is around a hour long so maybe that played a factor as well. My favorite part was dropping Jens as he is the first cyclist who I can think of hand to suffering.

Stage eight:Sufferfest Revolver and Sufferfest Violator and Sufferfest Half is Easy:
This is the stage that caused a lot of suffering just looking at it. As three speed videos for over two and a half hours. Only time I got off my bike was to switch videos/profiles on TrainerRoad. My goal for this stage was to do all the videos at 100% FTP with TrainerRoad. To prepare for this stage, I had 3 cups of oatmeal along with the brown sugar and mile. It was a big breakfast for sure for a big day on the bike. The first video Revolver is design for increasing your maximum power and ability to recover. In this video you do fifteen (sixteen), one minute maximum intensity intervals. Including one that is longer then a minute. Just after the fifteen one, the video says you want to do one more and my body just hates myself. Looking at my speed and heartrate you can tell how I was. Looking back at this I am happy that my average speed for the sprints was over twenty miles per hour and even thou the resting speed was thirteen miles per hour, I still was over sixteen miles per hour average. Overall I was happy with this video workout. Sure the average speed was 15.2 miles per hour mostly because my low speeds was so slow (between 11 and 13 mph). But I am happy with it as I just kept my candence above my average low eighties.

The second video was the Violator which I started as soon as TrainerRoad saved the last video and loaded this video. This video has sixty-four sprints ranging from five to fifteen seconds. With different time rest stops between each spring. Maybe that is why this video is best for winning races in a sprint. Looking back at the data you can tell my legs was feeling it towards the end. As I did not have the power or speed I did in the beginning of the video.

The third video Half is Easy is a short video but doesn’t mean it be easy. It was only half easy haha I know bad joke.  This video is best for criterium and cyclocross racers. Or getting in a hard workout when you have little time. This video is two sets of twenty (15 seconds hard and 15 seconds easy). Hence the name. For the easy I was feeling it so most of my easy was around nine to eleven miles per hour while still spinning around 80+ rpm. For the hard I was above twenty miles per hour. Overall this video was a great video. I will most likely be doing it again after this blog gets posted.

I am happy to say I was able to do this state age 100% FTP besides a one small section I did not jump fast enough on those quick sprints.

Stage nine Sufferfest ISLAGIATT:
This is the longest video in the Sufferfest, called It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time  or ISLAGIATT for short. This video is best for improving race performance and climbing. This video has four climbs fifteen minutes, twenty minutes times two, and an eight minute climb. To make things interesting you have to do a few attacks to make things interesting as well. At the end the flat to the finish of the stage was just flying. All I have to say right after I finish the stage that NO this was not a good idea at the time…. I will do this video again soon as I know this will help me get better.

Post Tour

For a grande total of 208.27 miles according to TrainerRoad software. That blows away my miles I did last year 154.11 tour. Even thou the stages was different I was very happy with this difference. Also I was close to biking the most miles on TeamBBC Strava club for the week. Ian bikes a lot for part of his job so his miles are mostly not as intense. But some day I am hoping to get the #1 spot for the week.

so close to most miles for the week

so close to most miles for the week

I am getting my powetap and finally I completed my first tour with TrainerRoad. 2nd tour for me but as mention before did not use it. Thank you for reading my longest blog post in a while. Also I am happy to have the picture down below saved.

Finish the Tour!

Finish the Tour!

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