Post Tour training update (Feb 2 to March 1) and a few new items.

Since my tour blog post took a while to write. I figured I waited to do this post to almost done with February. Also I got some new items to help me train and race better and also do better health wise. First up new items then training.

As mention at the last post I mention how I was getting a PowerTap powermeter. I got used but I ended up getting a Bontrager Aelous 5 with a Powertap SL hub. The night before I found out Bontrager Aelous 5 is carbon! So that is a sweet bonus. But means I will have to change my rear brakes pads when I switch rear wheels. I am still going to see what to do for my other wheels. I might also looked at getting a front wheel too for carbon or to go with the Aelous.

After getting the powermeter I was able to log onto Zwift. To be on the beta test of this site is pretty cool.  I enjoying it for when I am using this. I was even able to see a few of my friends on here while biking on the trainer.  That was pretty nice and I was pretty happy with that.  Also shows me that I need to get more watts to get items done and be able to ride with them. Also I am enjoying TrainerRoad and will continue to use that for my indoor training.

Also I been using My Fitness Pal (MFP). This site is pretty good and been helping me keep track of my calories. One thing I learned (besides I enjoy eating junk at times) is I was not eating as much as I should have. Now I am trying to eat more with a bigger breakfast and then work my way down. This site has helped me and I have to say it is nice to see my progress over time. I think with this I will hit my target weight for racing soon (I hope).

Second training review.  First the ugly, bad, and good. The ugly I have not run since January 4th and only have 7.6 miles under my belt for 2015. I haven’t swim since Feb 5 and no idea where I am at for that right now. So far I have biked 480.2 miles which I am pretty happy with.

Took Monday Feb 2nd off as I was spent from the Tour of Sufferlandria. Minus shoveling snow as I live in the snow belt. Also I was planning on doing a FTP test to see how I am compare to start of the the Tour.

On the 3rd I took the FTP test with Sufferfest Ruber Glove with TrainerRoad. It felt good to do this and with this my FTP went up. My new FTP is 240 compared to being 225. Lets just say I noticed a big difference. As I am sweating a lot more when doing the videos but this is good in a way.  I just have to tell myself that.

On the 4th I did not do anything as I was waiting for a package that did not came in.

On February 5th I swim only 800 yards.  Sadly I forgot the pool is being used at 12:15 instead of 1:15 for a class this term. So when I went and saw the sign. I just went in and swim quickly for 14 minutes.  It kind of killed my planned to swim longer at a slower pace but I am okay with that.  Sadly this has been my only swim this month.

February 6 was a magical day for me as it was my first ride with the PowerTap. It was only for five and a half minutes but it was amazing. I only did a quick ride just to test it out and make sure it works.  It works and then I emailed Zwift with my updated information. On the 7th I got in a longer ride with the PowerTap of 10 minutes. I just wanted to play with it and make sure my Garmin Edge 810 was set up for it. Kind of cool to do. Then on the 8th I went for a nice 30 minute ride. It was just me playing with it and seeing how react to this.  Also doing this ride, I removed 1 of my rear brake pads as I was not sure if it was rubbing the wheel, but I wanted to make sure I do not damage this wheel.

The 9th and 10th I did not train at all but I got the welcome code for the beta test of Zwift.  On 11 I signed up and got onto the island. I rode for twenty-two minutes and did a few loops.  It was so cool to do. As it helps with the trainer boredom. I will try to mix things up with TrainerRoad/ The Sufferfest. All this island is based on power so if you have good power you can be flying by others. Also this makes me feel weak when folks are flying by me.  I am okay with that thou it was fun.  So much so I rode for thirty minutes on the 12. It was nice to do something different.

I took the 13th off from biking/running/swimming. On the 14th I went back to TrainerRoad and Sufferfest combo and ride 15 Sprints from Half is Easy along with the warm up. Man I went too hard at first and paid the price for it by eleven. Looking back at it now I am happy with my workout even thou I was disappoint that I could not carry it for the 2nd half of fifteen sprints. That night I just felt like doing some easy riding so I did TrainerRoad: Sky Warm Up. It is a nice twenty minute warm up that will get you going. I will do this warm up and try to get use to it next time around.

On Sunday the 15th, I was talking to one of my friends on facebook. He said he was going to do Zwift so I figured I joined in for a little while. He was going to do a long ride and I figure I join in for a few. I was mostly was in the little ring until I saw his name. Then I jumped onto the big chainring for a little while.  If my legs did not feel bad but it was still pretty cool to see a him and ride virtually with him for a few minutes. I ended up doing 10 miles and calling it a day.

On Monday the 16 TrainerRoad: Sufferfest Local Hero was on my schedule. This was a nice video and I was happy with the results of it. Twenty-four plus miles on the trainer in one hour and twenty-four minutes. Ya I will take that. Sadly I do not remember anything else about that ride.  The next day I completed the TrainerRoad: The Sufferfest The Hunted. This video does wonders for myself as I was just working on my bigger gear and still having a bigger cadence then what I normally carry. I was very happy with this. Next time my goal is to improve this.

February 18 I was only able to do 25 minutes of TrainerRoad: The Sufferfest Revolver sadly. I think  I went out too fast for each of the springs. As I was above 22 miles per hour. If I could could that for a while I would have been happy.  I will try this again and go for the gold again with my speed. As I really need to push it up another level to get my A game. I was above my FTP goals which was great but I need to be able to finish the race that long. On the 19 I biked TrainerRoad: Morgan-tc. A nice 30 minute workout created by TrainerRoad. I will do this workout again.

The 20 thru the 22nd I did not do anything training wise. For the 23 I rode TrainerRoad: Mount Major. This is one of the shortest of TrainerRoad Mount workouts. My goal is to work myself up to a three hour workout non stop. Then maybe six hours and then more. This has 3 quick sprints and rest of it pretty much same speed. Which I can do again and I can see myself improving on. Also with this video, I did hit my max watts record for five seconds with TrainerRoad virtual power and maybe ten seconds as well. On Tuesday the 24th I rode TrainerRoad: Madison. This workout is to getting use to cycling both on the saddle and while standing. However I did 98% of this workout sitting down. I just feel better while riding seated for whatever reason. This workout has 4 intervals at different speeds to simulate different parts of riding. I just randomly selected this workout and will do this one again.

Wednesday the 25 I took off as I had to help someone go to the car dealership to get some help. Thursday I made up for it with TrainerRoad: The Sufferfest Nine Hammers. I can tell you each hammer was painful like it should be and I am thinking it is paying off. I still faded towards the end but I can not help myself. I know I do the same thing for swimming most 80% of the time.

Friday was just magically as it was my first swim in 23 days. The speed was not there at times but at least I was able to swim for twenty minutes nonstop. I know practice times will be slower too as I wear a regular swim suit on top of my practice jammer. I am a fan of extra drag when working out. Hopefully I can swim faster for fifteen minutes next week straight but we will see what happens.

I also heard back from one company that I was not selected for brand ambassador. I was hoping to be one for the company but it is okay with me. I support the company as it is a made in USA company. Well that is it for now.  Thank you for reading my blog post and have a wonderful day.

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