Everyone Can Tri – Indoor Tri at Canandaigua YMCA goals

This is going to be a quick post. I can not believe its been a year already but the Everyone Can Tri is coming up.  I looked last year it was towards the end of March and this year it is the first weekend of March. I signed up the week before the tri. This tri is done in 55 minutes as it is 15 minutes of each sport follow by a 5 minute transition period. Here are my goals for each sport.

For the swim my goal is to do 40 lengths. The same as last year as I have not been swimming as much. So my goal is to stay the same but if I am close I be happy. Last year the top swimmer got 41 lengths in so I figured I be near the top as well.

For the bike my goal is do a distance of 9 on the bike.  This distance is not is not a miles or kilometers. Last year I did 8 so with all my biking I hope to go more then that. I know the bike they used and have an idea what RPM and gear setting I want to run. My goal is to be around 90-100 RPMs and be around gear 11 or 12 if I have the same bike as last year.  As I notice some bikes are slightly different for the gearing. Also you start off at gear 8 and can not go down below that.

For the treadmill my goal is to hit 1.5 miles.Last year I ran/walk 1.27 miles. I know last year I did not fuel as well so I just died at this part and plus I have not run as much as I wanted to outside. I do not run on the treadmill as I should as I prefer to hit up the bike trainer or swim. With this winter I only have run a few times outside since January.

Thank you for reading and I will have the results posted once emailed to me. Happy training!

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