2015 Everyone Can Tri – Indoor triathlon

So this tri came and went. Overall I am happy with a few items but overall disappointed with a few things.  At least I know I am using this as a training tool to stage where I am at. This year the event grew 13 relays (2 last year), 15 guys (12 last year), and 26 ladies (17 last year). So was a lot more heats so it was hard to tell where everyone was doing. As mention in goals I had a few targets I was aiming for.

First the swim this year I noticed a few recent college swimmers who was at the pool. I only swim a handful of times before but I know I was not going to get the most distance of my heat but will try my best to do so. When the time started, I was with the the two college guys, who was able to pull ahead of me after 150 yards. I kept my strokes constant and just kept plugging away.  Towards the end of the time limit I was starting to catch up to one of the swimmers with my lap times. Total distance was 950 yards for me. My swim data is located here. I was just short of my 40 lengths goal but I still was happy with that.

During the transition I grabbed my Team BBC Jersey made by Voler and put it on. Next up was the bike. This year I learned from last year and brought my spinning/MTB shoes to use. These shoes are pretty heavy compare to my road shoes or even normal sneakers. My left foot was unable to clip in for some reason. I think it was because the seat post was a bit too high. I kept playing with the gearing to hit the right speed. Doing the first few minutes I made sure I grab my Sports Beans and eat them and drink my water. I should have done this sooner as by the time it hit me, the event was over. I made sure I did not go anywhere to shut down the bike computer and kept my RPMS high. At the end my distance on the bike read 7.7 which was 1.3 from my goal. So next year I know what to change slightly.

I switch my shoes and went as fast as I can towards the treadmills. These are on the other side of the building. Lastly was the run with my goal being 1.5 miles. With the February that we had over here in Western, NY. I have not been able to run so what I did was speed things up for running speed and then slow for a walk and then repeat.  I used a foot pod but I did not calibrate it before use. So the distance on it was a bit more then what I had on the treadmill. My data of the run is here. I did this for 15 minutes and at the end I had 1.23 miles. Which was worst then last year data but at least I felt better doing this. Oh well I was still happy I got this event done.

Overall I did not hit any of my targets so I am disappointed looking back at it. Next year I will try to top my top distances from last year.  Untill next post, thank you for reading my post.  Have a great day.

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One comment on “2015 Everyone Can Tri – Indoor triathlon
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