catch up on training March

The weather is finally turning nice and I am enjoying it more and more. I have got a few more minor snow falls. But lets catch up.  A lot of days I did not work or trained sadly.  I just got into a slump but that happens.

According to my training log I March 1st I did not work out.

On March 2nd I used TrainerRoad and rode for 52 minutes of The Sufferfest Hell Hath No Fury. I do not remember why I did not finish the video maybe because of a time. It was a good workout at least.

March 3, but I still got two bike workouts out of it. Both training I did on TrainerRoad. First was the Sky Warm up, which is a 20 minute video of getting my legs ready for what was to come. The second video was Sufferfest Extra Shot. This video was 20 or so minutes of pure pain but a good pain.

It snowed on March 4 and I only shoveled for 15 minutes.

For the 5th and 6th I did not do anything.  Which was not that good since the 7th I had my indoor Tri. For a few areas I did worst in and other areas I did better in.  Always next year.  On the 8th I took a rest day.

March 9 I run a quick mile loop around my house. As it was finally warm enough to run outside. Then I had a shorter swim. It was 1550 yards which is short of a mile. I do not know why I did not go for the mile but it beats not swimming at all.

It snowed again for March 10, so no training for me.  For the 11 and 12 I did not do anything training.

On the thirteen of March I did all three sports but not a BRICK workout. First I swim 1,100 yards within 20 minutes. I forgot a class was happening so that kind of reduce my workout time to 20 minutes. Then I tested out my new button bracket for my bike. It was just a quick test to make sure items are going well. I did notice a clipping sound from my Front Derailleur. It turns out that my Crank is a little bent in one section which was causing the sound.  It should not do any more harm to the group set and the chain (Found out when I asked Roger at the bike shop).  Then I did a quick run around the street. Going at a harder pace then I normally did. I wondering how long I could have cold it without collapsing.

From the 14 to the 17 I did not do any training at all.

On the 18, I was able to sneak in a mile swim before lunch. I do not know why but I had a 750 yard swim. Then 3 100s then 550 yards then a 50 as I mist counted during the swim to bring me a mile. All within 34 minutes including rest between sets.  I am pretty happy for that.

Sadly after a good swim I did not do any training on the 19.

I swim another mile on the 20th. Including 50 yards doing backstroke.  It was another good 33 minutes swim. Hopefully these swim workouts will pay off this year in Cornwall.

On the 21st I did not do any training. We had some snow on the 22 so no training as well.

On the 23 I jumped back on the bike trainer for 45 minutes and used trainer road for The Sufferfest The Haunted. I do not remember why I only biked for most of the video but not all of it. It was still a great workout either way.

On the 24th I did not do any training.

On the 25, I tried to run on a new run route. It was my first run in a little while so I only did part of it but still ended up with 3.25 miles. This route is not new for biking but it is new for running.  I only did part of it but I was happy afterwards.  My speed was not there but that will happen. Still nice to say I did a 5K.

The rest of the month I did not do any training sadly.  I can say now in June when I am writing this. April I did a lot more training so I am happy for that. Well thank you for reading and have a great day.

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