2015 Cornwall Tri Goals

With just over a month away from the tri. I need to put out there my goals for the race: I know I still need to catch up on my other blog posts. Including my first bike only race, which was interesting. Now back to my goals for the Cornwall Tri. As this is the race I am training for last year and this year.

Swim – 1500 Meters

Last year my time for the swim including T1 was 30:38. I been swimming a little bit better but not sure on how I will do. My realistic goal is to break 30 minutes including T1. The reach goal is to break 28 minutes. The place I rented the wetsuit is gone sadly. So I need to find a new place to rent and also figure out sizing.  If I have the same suit, I know I be fine and should be within both goals. Also I be swimming closer to the bouy, so I do not swim distance as I did last year. Also I will have my tri top on instead of putting on a jersey during the T1.

Bike – 40 KM

Last year my time was 01:30:25.  Some parts of the bike course has gotten repaved. My reach goal is 1 hour and 10 minutes again and my realistic goal will be 1 hour and 25 minutes. I also want to beat my time on this Strava segment and move up the ladder. I should be faster this year for 3 reasons, better training then last year, clipping in my shoes, and my rear wheel is carbon.


Drop the bike off and grab something to eat and start running. Realistic 6 minutes and reach 3 minutes. I increase my realistic goal because I am changing shoes this year.

Run – 10KM

My time last year was 1:31:01 for the 10KM, which I had to walk a lot. I just bonked. My updated Garmin Fenix 2 says my 10K should be 52:33 which is faster then last year of 54 minutes. My reach goal is 1 hour and realistic goal is 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Also my goal is to have fun and enjoy it. Thank you for the read and looking forward to doing the race in a month or so.

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7 comments on “2015 Cornwall Tri Goals
  1. The Tri Road says:

    It’s good to have such clear goals. Good luck and have fun. 🙂


  2. […] Last weekend was the Cornwall Tri (6 days ago as I am writing this report). I am happy to say I completed it and felt good afterwards dropping some time in a few areas.  I am going to write about about each section like what I did with my goals. […]


  3. […] and some sun here and there. I am going to write about about each section like what I did with my goals. On race day, I woke up around 3:30 and I was up. I eat a big breakfast and also force myself drink […]


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