Goodbye Fenix2

Hello all so my 3rd Garmin Fenix2 watched died on my last week when trying to upload a swim.

Brief history, my first Fenix2 was great but just the wrist band connecting to the watch head broke. As mention in this post. I got that replaced.  The 2nd one died as it just would not hold power so I got it replaced.  The 3rd one well it just died on me when I was doing a restart and it did not recognized the USB when I plugged it in.

I was sad as it was out of warranty. However when I called Garmin Customer Service the guy was very helpful. He offered me 2 options, one was to replace the Fenix2 for another one for free(even thou it is out of warranty) or go for an upgrade Fenix3 for a little cost.  You can guess which one I selected…


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One comment on “Goodbye Fenix2
  1. […] catch up on a few items.   First of all, I got the Garmin Fenix3 on Saturday October 10. As my Fenix2 died and the Garmin Customer Service Rep helped me out dramatically. As my watch was out of warranty and […]


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