St. Christopher’s 5k Run/Walk and Fun Run – race report

I meant to do this sooner but it just hit me that I have not wrote a report on this race.  I did not plan on run till a few days before the race.  I was sure I have not run since the Cornwall Tri which was a week before. The race was on August 29 and I paid day before the race with cash. I was working the registration table before the race. So I did not get a chance to stretch or do any warm ups. I only have 3 goals for this race to finish, break 10 minute mile, and to have fun and not die. Sounds like a good plan to me.

So I lined up somewhat in the middle of the pack. When the gun went off, I went for it. I was going pretty fast and stead and then I noticed my right shoe lace was not tied anymore.  So I stop and retied it quickly and went back to running. I was not able to hold the pace I have but I looked at my Fenix2 and notice my speed was alright so I tried to hold it. Around 1.6 miles into the race I was feeling it and not eating before hands was not a smart choice. That is where I felt it and was not able to hold the goal of breaking 10 minute miles. I went jog and then run and so on, off and on for a little while. But when I turn left onto the main area I turn up the guns knowing I could go for it. I finished at my PR since post high school/college in a 5K of 30:01. So I was happy with that. I helped with the race tear down afterwards. I will do this race again next year if I am in the area for sure. You can look at my strava stats here from this race.  Thank you for reading my blog and have a great night.

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One comment on “St. Christopher’s 5k Run/Walk and Fun Run – race report
  1. […] The day before the tri Aug 22 I did a nice brick to get my legs going. As I dialed everything in for the race. The next day was the Cornwall Tri. You can read about it here. I have to say this year went a lot better then last year.  Here hoping to next year being even better. When I got back, the next week. I ran at my Church 5K, you can read it here. […]


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