Training catch up April and May 2015

It is now June October so I am going to try to catch up double months of April and May. I did not work as much in May as I had planned but it happens. On April 1 I did not do any training.

On April 2 I swim a mile plus in the pool and I also jogged with my sister. I also walked with her a fair amount of the time too but it helped here. It was a nice mile plus just to get moving again outside.

On the 3rd I did not do any training.

On the 4th of April, I ran two miles in 20 or so minutes. With an average pace of 9:49 a mile which is good for me since I am not that speedy. I will do this route again and see how I do. As I did cut down parts of this run for whatever reason. Hopefully it be cool to see.

For April 5th thru 7, I did not complete anything.

On April 8th, I made up for it big time with a 2.6 mile swim or 4,350 yards. I completed this in a hour and eighteen minutes with 4 breaks. I am pretty happy with this longer swim workout.

The next day I decided that I wanted to run a Strava segment that is by my house on a roads I normally bike on. The segment itself is 3.9 miles rectangle. So my total distance for this run was 6.39 miles. I was not going for speed but just to go for a jog to do the loop.  I walked part of it sadly.  Overall, I know when I will do this again, I will for sure will improve on this. I know for a fact the course is a bit more bumpy then I can remember when I bike it.

From April 10 to the 12th, I did not train. I went away to visit a few friends which I had a great time and got myself refocus. I did hit up the gym with my friend and di some walking too. But nothing too major.

My first outdoor ride of the year happen on April 13. It was a quick 7.41 mile one but a good one. I was just happy to ride for under thirty minutes. It felt great.  Also on the 13 I swim just over a mile nonstop. I completed this within thirty minutes so I am pretty happy for that.

The 14th and 15 I did not do any training.

I was able to sneak in another mile plus swim before lunch on the 16th. I ended up doing 1850 yards instead of 1650. But I am happy to swim for over 33 minutes non stop.

On the 17th, I also swim another mile also before lunch. I was able to crush it within 30 minutes which is always my goal. Then I had some extra time so, I did 3 sprint 25s. I am most differently not as fast as I was when I was swimming with the LC Waves but I still felt great to have some speed.

On the 18th, I had a quick bike ride before helping out my neighbors out. I ended up riding 7.45 miles but it was a good loop to do. I was happy with my work and my average pace.

The 19th I did not do any work.

On the 20th, my goggles fell out of my swim bag. I found them in my car after swimming so all I did was kicking. The total kick was 1000 yards plus with 50 backstroke. So just over 2/3 of a mile kicking is pretty impressive for myself since kicking is my weak part of my swim. Then I did another 100 yards too which I forgot about.

From April 21 to 27 I did not do any training.

On April 28 I rode my bike before a job fair. It was a nice 14+ mile bike ride. I do not remember much about this ride but looking at my heart rate. I was going for it on the GVCC Chili course and I did set a PR there. So yea mini victory which is even more impressive if you see what I did on the 29th!

On April 29, in the AM I got myself to finally clip in.  I went to a park parking lot and learned with my sister. As I only been using the other side of my SPD-SL pedals as a platform for outdoor rides. On the trainer I was clipped in.  Glad I got it down and been using it even since.

April 30th I did a double workout. I ran on the track first and then swim with my sister. This way we both can do our own workouts. I ran for a mile on the track and then I did a lap around the track going for more speed.  After that I swim a mile that was broken up. Overall both workouts was fine and I was happy with them.

I did not do anything until May 5th. Which I ran 1 mile before I drove back home from visiting my family up in Canada.  Close to where the tri I am training for is located. This was a nice jog to shake things out.

On May 6th and 7th I did not do anything. However on May 8th it was my first outside ride in a while. I called it FTUCIP ride but forgot what it meant. As you can see, I did very well with my PRs and even moved up to 8th overall on a segment. I would like to thank my work with The Sufferfest and Trainerroad to keep me motivated. Also it was nice someone commented on my ride on strava from Team BBC so that made me pretty happy!  Thank you Mojo!

May 9th I did not do anything.  On May 10th, Mothers day I road for over an hour.  Best part of this ride was placing in the top 5 on a small road that I like riding on. I do not remember much of this ride but I can remember that.

May 10th and May 11 I did not do anything on my log.  May 12 I did a short ride that I do not remember much sadly.  May 13 thru May 15 I did not do any training. On May 16 I was having a nice ride. Sadly my front derailleur cable snapped so I was unable to shift onto the big ring when I wanted to. I still was happy with the ride.

Then I did not do anything from May 17 to May 22. I completed my first brick on May 23. I biked 22 miles and then I ran a mile or so. I was happy with doing my first brick and my legs did better then I thought it would feel. I was a bum after that from May 23 to May 27th.

On May 28th I ran 2.55 miles on the track. I do not remember but I did do a few break it up speed with recovery. Looking at the data and heart rate information but I can not tell you what it was or what my plan was. After the track workout, I swim a half mile. The next day I did not do anything but on May 30th I rode my bike with my sister. To try to get her use to being on the bike on a road. As she was on the trainer a lot because of her work schedule. The next day May 30th we ran in the cold rain. It was brutal but I was able to run for 30 minutes non stop. My idea of running in the cold rain was on race day no need to worry about it as I trained with it. Also my sister needed someone to go with as it was the only time she could before she had to work again.

Now that I caught up April and May. Next blog will have June and July. Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day..

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2 comments on “Training catch up April and May 2015
  1. Brittany says:

    Solid and steady training! Well done.

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