Training catch up June and July

Well it is towards end of October and I am playing catch up again. I know I had some free time on my hands hence why you will get my 2nd blog post within 3 days.To make items flow better. I will just put the dates of the actives instead of listing days I was a bum or a rest days.

On June 4th I ran and swim afterwards.  The run workout was run 100 meters, jog 100 meters and so on.  I did that 6 times and then I went for a swim. The swim was 3 sets of 550 yards each. I did not have that planned but I guess it worked out that way, so I got my mile swim in. So I was happy with that now but back then I do not know how I was doing.

On June 5th, I road my bike to 2 GVCC bike courses and then back home. I was happy that I was able to cover both courses and be home within two hours. I also saw 1 deer on one of the loops of the courses. My average speed was where I wanted it to be above 15.1 MPH and my cadence was 69 which I am happy with. So overall this was a good ride for me covering 31 miles. Which was my longest outside ride since I moved back into Rochester.

On June 11, I rode an outdoor FTP test to see where I am at. I road the whole FTP test into a headwind of 11 MPH. The route was only suppose to be around 20 miles but because one of the bridges was under construction. I had to ride my bike an additional 3 miles. I was happy with the results as this was my first time using this 1 route for the FTP test.  I guess I need to hit a lap button on the edge to better mark the FTP.  But overall I was happy as I created a segment on Strava that is private.  So that works for me.

On June 13th, I ran but my watch at first said it was swimming. This was one of the times I noticed something was wrong with my watch.  But overall the run was alright, I ended up with 2.75 miles or around that. My pace was not that well but overall I am happy with the run. Then after the run, my Garmin died on the swim sadly. As it only got 100 yards in and then it died. So I lost the rest of my swim sadly, which I estimated around another 25 minutes so roughly 1400 yards. I did not do much other items.

On June 21st, I was in my first bike only race. Since I am a Cat 5 road racer this race was over 2 laps long, with the beg of the lap having a Cat 3 climb. I know I was going to get dropped but I still went for it. I only have three goals for this race, which were, to finish to have fun, and learn from what I can do differently for next time. I got to the race site and did my warm up after talking to a few folks. The data from the race is here. I set a new FTP for 20 minutes of power at the race. I should do a write up of the race. I had a video but sadly I had to edit some of it out. So you miss it when I hit my top speed of 41 MPH going downhill  You can watch the video down below.

The new Team BBC jersey by Voler was awesome. It felt like I had no drag at all. Overall I was happy to finish my first road race. I will do this race again. I also hit all three of my goals even thou I was a bit sore after the race.

On June 24th I swim for 37 minutes and was able to swim around a mile and a quarter. For this swim I am not sure what my goals was but I was happy with it. I did hit 30 seconds a few times for my lengths which is slow but I am okay with it. I know my swim will get better the more I do.

The next day I ran about a mile outside. It was only for around 9 minutes of running but still nice to test the speed of my legs. Then I also completed a few intervals. So overall it was a short leg workout.

June 26, I rode my bike for 15 miles. I had a longer route planned but I cut it short. I do not remember why I had to cut it short but oh well.  On the 27 I sagged the walk of a fundraiser race with my road bike. The next day I ran for 2 miles. With my average speed just over 10 minute per mile I was okay with it. The 2nd half I needed to get better endurance. Next year for sure I will work on this better for sure.

My next activity was a run up in Canada when I was visiting my family on July 3rd. It was a nice 2 miles. I started with my sister and then she gave me the green light to go ahead. So I did that and went to another development.  On the way back, I just picked it up and felt great going for the speed (my kind of speed) around 8 something per mile

On July 5th I did a quick 19 miles ride in Canada before driving back home. It was great going when the sun rise was happening and not much traffic too! I did not notice but I had a tailwind for the first half and on the way back it was a headwind… opps.  I enjoy riding on that road.  Next summer I got a longer route planned to go to a DQ get a blizzard and then ride back! I felt good for doing this ride and it helped before sitting in a car for 5-6 hours on the drive back home.

The next day I did a swim in the pool. I swim just over a mile with 2 parts I rested. I am happy to see no 30 seconds per length looking back at the splits. I then swim again on July 13th. Sadly this is when my Fenix 2 died again so I estimated I swim 1,200 yards in 25 minutes including rest.

On July 22 I went to a spin class with my sister. It was a good 55 minutes and I got my heart rate going for sure. I will go to this instructor again. Maybe when I get a full time job, I be able to pay for membership. As spin classes helps me workout even in the summer time.

The next day, I had a sweet ride. Too bad my powermeter batteries died around halfway into my ride. I did notice it when I was looking at doing a hill and looking at my power. That is all I can remember from this ride sadly.

I forgot to replace my powermeter batteries for my next ride on July 26. During this ride, I noticed something was not right with my shifting I thought. It turned out to be the left crank as the button bracket went, which caused the left arm of my crank to come off.  I was calm when I noticed it came off and went to a slow stop on a downhill.  I have the video down below of the rear view. I was only a few miles from home but I had to do the call of shame sadly. Later I walked with my sister around the neighborhood.

On the next day I swim a mile without my Garmin Fenix2. As that was still out or I was waiting for a RMA.  This was my last workout for July.  Which is not good as there was a few more days before August which is the Cornwall Tri.

Until next post, thank you for reading my blog.

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2 comments on “Training catch up June and July
  1. Jade Hunter says:

    Wow! Sounds so active! Loving the post! How are you finding the Garmin watch overall? Would you consider a collab review? Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • bonnev659 says:

      I enjoyed the Fenix3 very much. Well worth the extra $$ I put into it. Is there anything you have questions on? Besides what I like and do not like about it so far? I can try to do a review but a few others have done some reviews that is so much in detail. Thank you for the comment too!

      Liked by 1 person

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