August and September Catch up

I am still playing catch up but I am almost done. August was a good month overall with the tri I was going after being on this month. It is at the end of October so it will be done soon.

If you remember my left crank came off at my last ride.  Well I got it back from the shop and I got a new button bracket for free under warranty. August 2nd, I got my bike back with new button bracket. So I went with a ride with my sister on the road. It nice to ride with her. We gained 118 feet of evaluation during part 1. Part two was just going home but it was nice riding with someone. It was a easy day but at least I got to test out the new botton bracket and I was happy. Later on the day, I went for my first run a while. It was a nice 2 miles and I was able to hold under 10 minute pace. So I was very happy with that.

The next day, I swim 1,000 yards. It was going to to be longer but because of time constraints I had to cut it short. Oh well but at least I got some pool time.

On August 9th, I rode my bike with my sister and then I turn it into a brick and go afterwards a run around the street. It was a nice seven plus miles ride with my sister. Minus the part where my chain came off twice from the front derailler. Grrr.. The run was a mile and a third.  I did push the run to see if my legs can handle the speed since it was getting closer to the Cornwall Tri.  Overall I was very happy with the workout.

My next activity was not to August 13 which was a run. I was very happy with the run after I was done with it. Being able to be faster then 9:30 minute per mile was way above my goal of this run. I felt good afterwards too so that was a plus. Compare to last year around this time.

On August 14, I rode my bike to Scottsville, NY to see location of my other job. I notice a pothole where I would hit if I was biking in the dark. I was going to bike to the race and then bike home. I decided to drive to the site to be safe. During this ride my chain came off again. I went to the shop to get my front derailleur adjusted to avoid the chain coming off the following day.

Two days later, it was one of my jobs summer party. I went to it and knowing I was swimming in the open water. I made sure I brought my Garmin Fenix2 with me along with my goggles. So I did some swimming and then was part of a relay. I did the swimming leg. I ended up helping my team win by having the fastest swim time.

On August 17 I just ran a mile, around my street. I was happy with it being under 9 minutes. I only had time for a loop around the street or I would have gone for more. The next day I rode for 10 miles. I did hit my goal of getting a better time on Smith road.So I was happy for that.

I had to do some riding for work on the 19th. I was not happy to bring my bike and doing all the course. One of the coworkers was getting frustrated during the race. But that is another story.I did ride a few more times but did not get it on the Garmin. Oh well at least I got a few short workouts out with the ride.

The day before the tri Aug 22 I did a nice brick to get my legs going. As I dialed everything in for the race. The next day was the Cornwall Tri. You can read about it here. I have to say this year went a lot better then last year.  Here hoping to next year being even better. When I got back, the next week. I ran at my Church 5K, you can read it here.

My last workout of August was a swim. The pool was busy for sure. I was not able to get my full workout in but I was happy to have my first swim since the Cornwall Tri. That is all I can remember from this workout.

September was not a good month for me training or other items as well.  I lost my Grandmother who I cared about a lot. Well back to the training part. On September 4th, I rode my bike 21 miles. Then on September 7th, I did a few local hills workout. I do not remember much about those two rides to be honest besides I did some thinking and pushed myself on them in a few places.

On September 9th, I rode around the GVCC course. I was hoping to do a few loops of the course but mother nature had other plans. I did finish one loop of the course but sadly I got rained on right when I turn onto the final straightaway. I was pleased with my riding for this and I think next time I will do better on the course.

Then I did not ride or do any training until September 24th. When I rode my bike for a quick 8 miles before I taught class. It was nice to get my legs moving and doing items.

On the 27, I swim 1,050 yards before the lunar eclipse. I am also pretty happy with my times from this workout. The next day, my Garmin Fenix2, died as I got a USB error message and then it went blank. I swim roughly a mile and the time included stoppage time.

Well that is it for my training logs. I wanted to thank those who have made comments and likes my past 2 posts. It makes my day when I get those emails. Thank you for reading my blog and happy training.

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