To get a Coach or not?

I have been thinking about getting a coach for past couple months. As I need someone to make me more accountable. I was looking at my Strava profile and I had most of my bike miles for this year, in the winter months. I know it is sad but it was on the bike trainer with TrainerRoad and Tour of Sufferlandria. Also was looking at my trainingpeaks account and wow for time, I trained a week. Then again I was busy with work but I need to make time for training.

My pros of having a coach

  • Keeps me accountable
  • Frees up time as he/she will have workouts already planned
  • Structure
  • Provide wisdom and knowledge I do not have and able to break down items
  • Hopefully prevents over training or injury

My cons of having a coach

  • Cost with limited funds
  • time commitment if I get a new job that drains all my free time up (in the market so I do not know)
  • location if I moved if I pick a local coach

I have a few prospective coaches, I want to talk to.  I know I want something for next year but not sure what yet. It might be a coach with a plan, or just a plan or a coach to check up on me ever few weeks. That is about it. For those who read my blog, let me know what you think.

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11 comments on “To get a Coach or not?
  1. Heather says:

    I have a coach. She lives several hundred kilometres away and we rarely meet. She really just prepares a program for me (so I don’t have to decide what to do each day) with time, pace or distance goals based on the availability I’ve told her I have and whatever my goals are. I provide weekly feedback to her based on garmin data and how I felt/thought in my training and races. She adjusts the future programs accordingly. I have been using her for over 2 years now and have never considered stopping. Very different to having a personal trainer, but if you don’t need someone “in your face” but want your training plans prepared and personalised, I’d say go for it. I haven’t tried the one on one, face to face, trainer/coach option so I can’t comment on that. At the time, I gave up my gym membership (which I was hardly using anyway) to pay for the coaching. It was a far better use of $ for me.

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    • bonnev659 says:

      Thanks, that is what I am looking for in a way. Someone to think of my workouts and I do them. Happy training. I do not have a gym mebership besides to the pool I belong to. I will keep this in mind while looking for a coach.


  2. bribikes says:

    Having a coach would be an awesome motivational boost-my hang up would be the cost…is there anyone you could find to train with or just be an accountability partner for you…that would be cheaper, hehe!

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  3. jakesitler says:

    If you’re serious about coaching, shoot me an email at


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