This makes me sad

I love my grassroots races and how they help our sport grow.  Now it seems like big name folks are going to ruin the sport.   I saw this today and figure I post about it.  RIP Vineman but some folks are just getting to greedy.  From that article it mentions “Escape from Alcatraz announced a 67 percent rate hike, jacking up entry fees from $450 to $750 for an event that’s slightly longer than the Olympic distance.”   The article mentions how VIneman finishers was down past years. I am guessing folks only have so much money to go after races and if the one race is $700 it takes away from smaller races.  But that is just my thinking about it.  I do not know much about this race besides heard a few good reviews from two folks who race this race.

For someone who has supports the smaller races.  This is where our sport can grow and become popular.  I was working at a small sprint tri this summer, and you know what the race directors did.  They asked all of those who was first timers to step up to the podium and congratulated them for the first tri.  Now that is what I am talking about.

Down the road I would love to do an Iron Distance event but we see what brand it be, but kind of sad to see the grass roots leaving. But my first official tri was a small one and I am proud to say I like how they are keeping it grassroots. Even though another company offered to buy them out a few years ago.

Happy training!

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6 comments on “This makes me sad
  1. bgddyjim says:

    $700 for one race! I’d sooner trim my butt hair with a weed whacker.

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    • bonnev659 says:

      you are telling me. I think I spent $60 for my bike race (1 day USAC membership and fees) and spend around $70 Canadian for my tri which is about the same distance as that race. plus at $700, I think I do a few races and have dinner afterwards!

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  2. janerunswild says:

    I am so surprised at the cost for Alcatraz! Doesn’t seem fair or worth it! What are you currently training for?

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    • bonnev659 says:

      right now nothing… but have a few tri and other races i have in my mind. and yourself? I heard about the rate of Alcatraz from another blog, it is on a bucket list of tris to do but we see what happens


  3. I got in to Alcatraz and didn’t sign up because of the cost. That was absurd!

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