Got to take advantage of the Wind

This is just going to be a short post. But today I saw that the wind was coming from the south. So I planned my ride accordingly today as I only had around 30 minutes to ride my bike today. The plan of the route, go against the wind and then hammer it with the wind back home while creating a rectangle route. By doing this I will have a shot at 2 segments (turns out to be 3 as I forgot about 1) that I was hoping to move up the leader board.



Well survey says I did well with the wind on my back!

That is right a 20 second (1.2 miles segment and 6 second lead) and 43 second dropped (1.8 mile segment and 10 second) to get two KOM. On the 4th overall I dropped a second but my legs could not take it anymore as that one was right after the other 2. I could not be happier.

Here is the video of the 3 segments

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4 comments on “Got to take advantage of the Wind
  1. bribikes says:

    Nice video! I enjoyed watching the world fly by 🙂 Congrats on the KOM’s!

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  2. Brittany says:

    Oh man, the wind can be NO JOKE! I had to ride into it coming home last week and it was brutal.

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