Powertap Grassroots Athletes Program

I am applying to be part of Powertap Grassroots Athletes Program this year.  It is worth the shot at it. As I do have an Powertap Hub which I love even thou the Carbon rim (might need some work on it soon). I also enjoy the other products the group sells and sets up, that is made in the USA. I have the following Saris bike bunk holder, Saris Sentinel 3, and Cycleops Fluid2 trainer.

If I am one of the lucky 25 who get selected I will get the following perks:

PowerTap Will Provide

  • Education through SCG Training Camp.
  • 65% discount on all Saris (up to $500), CycleOps (up to $1,000), PowerTap (up to $3,000).
  • 50% discount on PowerTap kits.
  • PowerTap swag for events.
  • Opportunity to visit PowerTap headquarters in Madison, WI.
  • Additional brand education through webinars.
  • Clinic outlines for seminars.

Pretty sweet deal in my mind. If you want more information and apply go for it.  Here is the link http://powertap.com/support/sponsorship

Happy riding and good luck to those who are applying.

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5 comments on “Powertap Grassroots Athletes Program
  1. bribikes says:

    Sweet, I have got my fingers crossed for you!


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