My Fenix3 Review

So after using the Garmin Fenix 3 for a little while. So here is a list of items I like and dislike about it.


  • Color screen to make it easy to look at
  • data screens options (perfect for swimming 4 data fields on the screen, bike, and run too)
  • can have multi powermeters/candence/heartrate to sync to without having to pair each item again (unlike Fenix 2)
  • Activity tracking (like it to tell me to move if I been sitting for to long)
  • Able to use Styrd PowerMeter on the watch after download from IQ
  • Virtual Racer and Virtual Partner
  • Swim HR once I get the straps
  • Wifi
  • VO2 max for both running and biking
  • now able to add other sport profiles onto the watch as well


  • have to start the sleep mode (edit now this is automatic now)
  • different charger then Fenix2 (it is improve) but I have 2 others I need to get rid of now
  • no strava segments warnings unlike my Edge 810 (if I was strave premuin and have a smart phone)

I do not have a smart phone so I can not put this as a plus or a negative right now. I will test it out once I get one as soon as one big US Carrier carries the phone I want.

So overall I am pretty happy with the update I did even thou I do miss my Fenix2 for some items. Will I buy this again yes you bet.  I need something for multi sports function for when I am doing a brick or even if I am doing a tri.

Thanks for reading my short blog.  Happy training.

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