October training log

As I start writing this post, after US Thanksgiving. My pool is closed until Monday so I figure I start to write my training post from the past 2 months. I have done a few updates but nothing in detail. So here is my training in October and November.

October first, I was still waiting for the new Fenix3 to come replace my old Fenix2 that bit the dust. But I used my Garmin Swim to track my swim workout. First I swim 550 yards as my warm up, then swim 150 yards, and then 100 yards. I forgot how slim the Garmin Swim felt and how I miss it in a way. The swim was a nice swim with my sister in the lane next to me.  I only did roughly a half mile.

On October 7th, I rode my bike with my sister for a nice ride. It was 7.8 miles but it was nice to ride together. My chain did came off two times but I adjusted the front derailleur so hopefully it be fixed. But overall a nice ride together.

On October 9th, I swim again with the Garmin Swim. First part I swim half a mile, then 300 yards, and finally 250 yards.  It was an alright swim but soon I need to start doing intervals to get some speed back. As I think my base is coming back.

On October 10 it was a nice day. As I got my replacement and new Fenix 3 watch. To celebrate this I went swimming with a 1,300 yard workout. In typing this I need to do a review of the Fenix 3. Maybe I do that next but this was a good workout.  I need to improve on my swimming and get back to where I was pre grad school for speed and body.

On October 11, I jog with my sister. I could have took off but I figured I go with her and see how she is doing.  She seems to be doing okay but needs some speed. Later that day, I swim 1,500 yards and was happy with it.

The 14th of October I was able to test out the Fenix3 part screens with a 11.15 mile ride.  I still need to edit it but I was able to get my bike VO2 max number after this ride. It was lower then I thought but then again I did not go all out on it too.

The 16 of October I jogged 1.65 miles. My pace could have been a little faster but I was happy that I was able to get out there. If I remember I also cut short part of the run too as I was not feeling it. Good thing this was in my off season or I would be a little upset.  But it happens in all three sports, as everyone can not be perfect 100% of the time.

On the 19, I went out for my last outdoor FTP test. I thought it be one of the last ones. I rode just a little over 20 miles. It went alright but one thing I can remember when writing this in April is chain came off again when I was gunning it.  I still got a PR and a top 4 on a Strava segment so I was happy with that but bummed I could have done better one another segment.

On the 24th I swim a mile, that was broken up. No one was in the pool with me only the lifeguard so I just did my thing. On the 26th I ran 2.78 miles around my neighborhood and a park close by. My average speed was not that hot but at least I got out and ran.The 29th I swim just under a mile non stop in 24 minutes. I do not remember anything else about this swim. On the 30th I biked 9.58 miles in shorts and a t shirt. It was 40 degrees so I figured why not right?

Thank you for reading this far down if you made it this far.  I will try to catch up.  It is now April 2016 and I haven’t been good with this blog.  Just so focus on my job and that is about it sadly. Thank you again for reading.


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One comment on “October training log
  1. bribikes says:

    That’s cool that your sister was able to come along for some of your training, it is always special to have someone we love as company!


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