November Training log

It is not April and I am playing catch up here again.

November 6 I test out Stryd Power Meter for running. Just a quick half mile and it was pretty nice to see power numbers when running. I will post a review of this later as I have not used it that much sadly. Later that day I also rode my road bike around for a nice 7 mile ride. It was pretty windy that day from what I can tell from my tittle on Strava and Garmin websites.

On the 8th I went out for my 2nd run with Stryd. This time it was neat looking at the data after the run and seeing where I was working it and not power wise. The next day I was able to swim for 20 minutes again in an empty pool.

On the 15th I biked and went towards Morgan Hill to hit it once from the east and west. It was a nice 12 mile ride in total. Only part of the ride I do not like was crossing the train tracks two times as I have to make sure I go over them at 90 degrees.  The tracks are 45 degrees when going over them in a straight line on the road…  But I was happy with the riding including hitting the hill.

The 18th I road again with lots of wind for a quick 7.25 mile ride. Just a loop I normally do with all right hand turns that I was a big fan of. On the 20th I subbed for another Professor and on the way home, I stop by the pool and swim just over a mile. The next day, it was 41 degrees so I ran in t shirt and shorts. It was a nice 1.81 miles, cool at first but I warmed up and kept going.

The 21st it snowed a little bit but I still biked outside in shorts and a shot sleeves. It was a nice 14 miles in over an hour of riding. On the 23, I had plans for a longer swim but I only manage a mile. Then after Thanksgiving I rode 16.85 miles. It was 50 degrees and I loved it very much. I worked a race on Thanksgiving so I didn’t get to do any training.  But this made up for it. On the 30th I swim after working out for the first time in who knows. The distance was less then a mile but I was feeling the weights for sure.

Thank you for reading my November training log.


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