2016 Muddy Onion

My laptop keyboard is acting up so I am using my phone. Since this event starts and finish in the town I am living I figured might as well signed up. I don’t have a cx or gravel bike yet so I rented a cx bike. When the guy at the shop asked if I want the flats change out he was surprised when I said no then I told him of my road pedals.. At the time I signed up there was two people that I knew.

The not so good:

I signed up there was two people that I knew. Both had to drop out (broken collarbone on first day of vacation and family emergency)
 Brakes on the rental needed adjustment on them
It was cool to start and was going to warm up so I just wear a bib and TeamBBC kit right when we switch back to Voler kit
Both my Garmin 810 and Virb died forgot to charge batteries 

The good:

I learned I have better bike handling see comment of brakes above
Having my GPS watch as backup to know the distance 
Great course Race start and finish within a mile and a half from my houseWell marked no way of getting lost and great signs for caution for areas that needed them
Over 3000 feet of elevation
Got to learn more about my biking skills are at and what kind of shape I am

The fun:

After race BBQ with beverages but I just got a burger and walked uphill to my place 
Some parts of the course I will do then again and got to explore more of the area I moved to 
Meet more bikersMaple syrup shots

Would I do this again yes. Here is some video of my ride if you are board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY_68AE2QcU

Thank you for reading this.

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