Stowe bike club – Middlesex TT

Hi all,

Here is a quick race report from last Wednesday.  The course is an out and back.  This is home of the original tt for the Stowe Bike Club.  They now have like 10 different courses, including 4 climbing TTs. Coming into this race, I only wanted to finish and not make a fool of my self.  I did however forget to put in more air into my tires from the wet bike Cornwall Tri (report to follow later). I was going to do this course earlier in the season but it got canceled because of weather.  This time the rained hold off till I was home…

The course has one hill on it.  I was feeling great on it and was able to keep my tempo on the course.  The turnaround came faster then I thought it was as I forgot this course is only 8 miles. The winds was calm and I was able to go for a nice pace. Some parts of the course is used for GMSR which is kind of neat to see. I was going to post my link to ride file but it included the time I was just there talking to a few folks. About someone who got clip by a truck (he is okay and the driver came back).   The course itself has very wide shoulders too minus the bridge.

So I did finish the race and felt good and painful.  Getting blow by TT rigs on a road bike is always “fun” but I was used to it from the weekend before.  I will be doing more of the races next year with this group.

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