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Update on new bike and road bike

I just wanted to give you a heads up on what is new.   First I schedule a meeting with a bike fitter to see what bikes will work for me.  Since a few of the bikes on my list

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It is nice outside 

Today I was able to go running at lunch for the first time in a while. I have not run in a while but I was happy to get a mile in. Took a few minutes for the GPS to

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Favorite time to work out 

For me it is early am as it just feels so good. It is also when I am motivated the most too. So when is your favorite time? The picture above is when I was getting water before I started

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Tonight I was doing my FTP test and noticed during the warm ups that my crank is lose. I have to hit up the shop to get the tool as I can not find my tool and the bolt is

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Tour of Sufferlandria 2017 Wrap Up

Even with my busy schedule I managed to start and finish the tour this year.  This is my 3rd time during the tour, as I got into Sufferfest training videos in the middle of the first Tour. So that is

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Searching at Gravel / Adventure Bike

Hello all, I have been busy with my job. Working 50+ hours a week on average to building my comp “vacation” time up. So I might be able to do a trip to get a gravel bike. I am in

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