Tour of Sufferlandria 2017 Wrap Up


Even with my busy schedule I managed to start and finish the tour this year.  This is my 3rd time during the tour, as I got into Sufferfest training videos in the middle of the first Tour. So that is why I have not done all 4 tours.

When I saw the stages announcement I message the person who got me into the videos. We both agree a few of the stages was crazy and to do it at 100% would be crazy.  And at the end I had to do both crazy stages on the same day.  Did stage 8 right when I got up and did stage 9 at the afternoon night. More of this later. As each stage I think you have around 48 hours to do it.

This year the tour was done on The Sufferfest App. As a few of the videos was app only sadly.The app could get my heart rate and power but not my rpms. So I used my Garmin Fenix 3 to record everything and put on Garmin Connect, Strava, Trainingpeaks, myfitnesspal, and Mapmyride for tracking.  The power was from my old powertap hub that is still kicking it. I still used my 2008 Jamis Xenith SLE along with my Cycleops Fluid2 trainer.

Stage 1 Igniter + Long Scream: I completed this stage Friday night. As I am cool like that.  Igniter is 20 minute warm up video followed by a TT ride aka Long Scream.  One thing about the app that I like, is no need to switch videos as everything is already there. So I just road. My Strava data is here. For the first stage I was pretty happy and passed out right after that video.

Stage 2 The Way Out + Power Station, which are climbing videos.  For this you work on lower rpms but higher watts. I enjoy Power Station as it helped me as I was not feeling The Way out. I did this Stage Sunday after breakfast.  My Strava data can be found here.

Stage 3 The Omnium is another app only video. This video is about track riding which is awesome and would love to do. I did this stage on Sunday night, not knowing how I would feel Monday before or after work.  I hit a nice high watts you can see the file here. Looking at it now, I hit 572 watts which was awesome!  yes_napoleon_dynamite

Stage 4 Angels: This is the newer version of the video.  I like the older one better but it would do. I was able to do this stage Monday after work. My data can be found here. It is a big blur for me about this stage.

Stage 5 Nine Hammers: Tuesday I got up at 4 to do this video. I enjoy the each of the different hammer (VO2 max or Threshold). I just remember walking to work thinking how am I walking to work after that workout.  My data can be found here.

Stage 6 There is no Try: I did this stage after work and that is all I remember besides being hot. Data can be found here.

Stage 7 Hell Hath No Fury: I did Friday night and again do not remember much about this stage. My data is here.

Stage 8 Revolver + RIE + Half is Easy: Saturday I was side track with a few other items and this stage I was not looking forward to doing.  So Sunday I got up and did this before anything else.  This stage just eat me up and my data is here.

Stage 9 ISLTA: Was planned for Sunday afternoon. I was about 40+ minutes in and something happened. So I had to change to restart the stage that night. My first attempt can be found here. I was not a happy camper but I figured would do this stage in the evening. During the evening ride, my heart rate monitor stop working.I think it was from all the sweat. As my kit had salt stains on it.  Data can be found here. After I finished the stage I just layed on the ground for a minute or two and then drink my water.  I was shock I was not that sore the next day at all.  So Sunday I biked for over 70 miles on the trainer.  Wow but at least I finish the Tour.

Thank you for reading all of this and happy training.

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