24 hours after new bike fitting

So yesterday, I had my fitting at FitWerx with Ian. So this post is after 24 hours after the fitting. It is pretty cold here but when I got up and saw the snow on the ground I was shocked.  I guess it was not too cold to snow. I left my place early and got they early just in case the roads was icy. Also with the snow and salt on the roads, I put my road bike in the back seat of my car. Old person car for the win!

The fit process took about 2.75 hours long. I have meet Ian before but he introduce himself. First he measure my current road bike set up.  Then he ask questions about what my goals are, what I planning to do with this bike, etc. After that he did measurements including flexibility and balance. After it was time on the adjustable bike to play with the set up.(picture from other Fitwerx location)


Ian took a few images of saddle pressure, pedal stroke, and also did around seven videos of me in current and new position. One of the cool things is pedal stroke measurement for each 15 degree part of the stroke. I knew that my right leg would be stronger but neat to see. Ian also give me tips for better posture and to avoid injuries down the road. One of them is my elbows needs to be bent more.

At the end I got a flash drive with information:

  • videos
  • breakdown of my measurements
  • image of how my legs pedal (see below)


He went over some bikes and what ones will fit my body the best. Also he went over what to look out for. Right now I am down to 3 bikes within my “budget.” As this shop also has custom frames too. As another frame would have fit me best but it is out of my budget.  Here is the 3 bikes that will match my fit the best in no order:


Salsa salsa-2017-timberjack-woodsmoke-new-mukluk-vaya-marrakesh-adventure-cycling-association_-57

Felt (new to me as of yesterday but researching this option now too)

Ian said I can look at other models if I wanted. From doing this fitting service, I also got a store credit for new bike. We see what happens depending on a few things I will make my decision and also timing too.

Afterwards he even adjusted my seat height for my road bike at no charge.  Also let me know a few things I can do change my stem and also foot mold inserts for cycling shoes. Overall a great experience and I will highly recommend doing this for looking at new bikes.

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2 comments on “24 hours after new bike fitting
  1. bgddyjim says:

    I’d take that salsa out of your consideration. The components on the one in the photo are crap. With the Felt you get Ultegra and the Jamis you get a carbon frame and 105 components.

    If it were up to me, I’d go with the Jamis any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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    • bonnev659 says:

      The jamis model I am looking at is not carbon the exploit is the model. The felt would love ultegra but we see what is in the books. The felt is cheaper but jamis I can use for multi things. For when I commute once I move. If salsa still made ti frame I be over that as ti feels so good. We see what happens

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