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2016 Cornwall Tri race report

Sorry for the late race report as I been busy and lazy.  Well mostly lazy…  As I put down on my goals “Sadly I haven’t been active with my training have suffered. Moving into a new state for a new

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St. Christopher’s 5k Run/Walk and Fun Run – race report

I meant to do this sooner but it just hit me that I have not wrote a report on this race.  I did not plan on run till a few days before the race.  I was sure I have not

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Cornwall Tri 2015

Last weekend was the Cornwall Tri (6 days ago as started I am writing this report). I am happy to say I completed it and felt good afterwards dropping some time in a few areas. The weather was great for

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Cornwall Tri 2014

After looking at a few other blogs. I figure I will add to this section at the end. I was hoping to do this sooner but had to catch up on a few items when I got back from the

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Dirt Cheap April 16

I am not going to lie, I am starting writing this before the race even happens.  I did my research about the course last night and earlier today. I see a few hills which will be a tough to run

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Everyone Can Tri – Indoor Tri Results

Yesterday was my first race of the year with “Everyone Can Tri.”  It felt great to be able to race again. I woke up and forgot how long it took to get to where the race was.  So in a

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